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Effect of Social Networking and Free Mobile Application to Text messaging

Ever since the birth of the digital world, people have been enjoying the benefits of the said technology. It all started with digital cell phones and text messaging. People started to forget beepers and pagers and started appreciating the benefits of text messaging. Compared to having a pager, you won’t need to call an operator to send your message through. You can send it by yourself through a digital cell phone anytime, anywhere. Through the years, upgraded mobile phones have emerged and text messaging have never been easier!  For almost five years, text messaging has ruled the digital world that millions and millions of text messages are being sent and exchanged everyday, which contributed to a bigger share in the revenue of telecom companies.

Of course with the fast paced world of technology, people didn’t stop from creating more ways to get in touch with each other. In the past years, social networking sites were a hit and became the most common ways to communicate. People have started to appreciate and use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Multiply, MySpace and more. Along with these social networking sites came marketing websites that allow you to buy targeted facebook fans. If you happen to build a page in Facebook and needed likers or fans for your page, companies such as Marketingheaven.net will be able to provide you these types of services. It is definitely amazing how the digital world along with the Internet has boomed and made communications easier.

Along with these technologies came the invention of wireless Internet and smart phones. And ever since it came, text messaging took a backseat. People began to ask questions such as, “Why would they pay 20 cents to send a text message to a phone when they can send this message over email or through a free mobile application?” Suddenly, making calls using a cell phone is no longer practical. The application called Skype came wherein it allows people to make calls, all over the world, without relying on a traditional telephone line. It even made possible voice calls and the quality of the line is way much better than calling long distance over ordinary telephone line. Soon, developers have created applications for smart and android phones like Viber, Voxer, iMessage that gave users more ways to send a message or make a call for free as long as there is a 3G or WiFi signal. BBM is another free application for Blackberry, which allows BlackBerry users to send BlackBerry Message (BBM) with each other without paying a dime. Other downloadable apps like TextPlus, WhatsApp and Kik are becoming more and more popular for people looking for cheap ways to chat with friends.

Statistics have mentioned that there are 157.8 million smart phones sold on the last quarter of 2011, which sums up the total sales of smart phones to 491.4 million units worldwide at the end of 2011. Among these, around 350 million access Facebook from their mobile phones which proves that there is a big percentage of users relying on their smart phones to go online and communicate.

But the digital technology world is a fast changing industry. What was once a big hit can just be a thing of the past in just a few years. Everyone in the industry is upgrading which will definitely affect the good old text messaging but we can never really tell up to when this trend will last. One thing for sure though, is that technologies will continue to collaborate and integrate with each other which make the industry such a dynamic and competitive environment.

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Saturday, 02 July 2022
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