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Why Web Hosts Should Use Computerized Maintenance Management System?

Many web hosts are considering setting up CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) but aren’t sure whether they can use it at its fullest. All maintenance managers in web hosting companies would agree that CMMS can make their life easier as they can keep track of maintenance to be performed. However, is it enough to convince executives in your web host to make the necessary investment? These are reasons why you should use CMMS in your web host, which may contain a few things you haven’t yet considered.

  1. Less downtime: Proper implementation of CMMS allows web hosts to reduce downtime significantly through much improved scheduling and planning. By determining likely reasons for failures, staffs can take preventive measures to reduce possible downtime. CMMS can also plan maintenance during off-shift hours to further reduce downtimes. As more maintenances tasks are planned than responsive, they can be performed with minimal disruption.
  2. Longer equipment life: Establishing recurring preventive maintenance tasks can help improve the equipment life. The asset management software is designed to track and define the lifecycle of your assets at various levels to determine performance trends and take necessary actions. Select CMMS platforms include condition data such as vibration and temperature readings to trigger preventive maintenance tasks, allowing web hosts to correct problems before they have the opportunity to occur.
  3. Standardized repair tasks: To ensure all maintenance tasks performed consistently, web hosts should have a detailed checklist for every type of situations. With CMMS, you can add elements usually not available in common repair checklists such as, human resource management. By accessing checklists in CMMS, new employees can have much shorter learning curve,
  4. Reduced inventory costs: CMMS includes a database of locations, spare parts quantities and their costs. With CMMS, web hosts can precisely define reorder points instead of keeping excess quantity of spare parts. Having spare parts inventory accounted for across multiple locations in web host’s premise can help managers and employees to share inventory. This would mean less reliance on expediting spare parts for emergency situations, which can further reduce costs. Web host managers can keep track what was purchased the last time and who paid for the item. There are many associated extra costs related to emergency repairs including unplanned overtime and shipping charges for hard-to-find spare parts.      
  5. Better productivity: It is a proven fact that what we measure tend to improve. By comparing expected maintenance times with actual times, you can determine where bottlenecks are and decide whether you should invest in training.
  6. Better compliance with regulations and audit: Providing historical records and proper documentation to both external regulatory agencies and internal departments is much easier with CMMS due to the comprehensive historical database and extensive reporting features. Each tasks examined in the auditing process is marked and logged as completed making it easier to comply with requests for confirmation of task completion.
  7. The ability to determine true maintenance costs: CMMS offers accurate cost tracking, which allows web host managers to avoid surprises during budgeting. They can also drill down to actual costs of equipments and determine whether it is more efficient to replace equipments instead of continuing to spend money on repairs. A dependable CMMS should offer a complete and accurate cost-based reporting. When web hosts choose to outsource the maintenance tasks, managers can track expenses against guidelines mentioned in contracts to make sure that they are being billed properly.
  8. Less overtime: There are a few ways CMMS can reduce maintenance overtime in your web host. With CMMS, it is easy to set standardized hours for maintenance tasks to be performed, allowing you to set targets and expectations. Automatic spare parts reorder eliminates the need to deal with complicated red tape. As your web host shifts more toward planned maintenance instead of responsive repairs, works can be fully scheduled and shifts can be aligned to meet the schedules, significantly reducing unexpected overtime.
  9. Better safety: Accidents in data centers can harm both employees and costly equipments. Overall, improved safety is an indirect advantage of CMMS. With standardized work procedure and more reliable equipments, there would be far fewer accidents. CMMS requires safety checks to be logged inside the system, establishing patterns that can be followed by experienced and new employees.

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