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Why You Shouldn’t Write Crappy Blog Posts

While the most obvious answer is "if you write a crappy blog post, it just won't get read," there is more to it than that.

Writing a blog post or article really shouldn't be forced, and if you're feeling time's claws squeezing the life out of you and you still have no good and valuable ideas, take a step back and relax for a little while. Since a blog post or article is essentially an extension of your personal thoughts, you don't want your thoughts sounding idiotic at best.

Even still, it's much, much more than that.

Why shouldn't you write a bad article or guest post? Well, quite simply, you'll lose all credibility in the future when it comes time to write a meaningful piece. It might sound silly to believe that your entire writing career hangs in the balance of one post, but it is essentially true.

Unless you're writing solely for SEO purposes, that one bad post will always be floating around on the Internet. And we know how it feels to be trapped in the Internet, much like how Rick Santorum feels when you Google his name.


Here are some tips to keep your posts focused and less likely to be terrible:

Use Current Events for Ideas

People read. People know about things. Take advantage of that.

Remember how the Giants won the Superbowl not too long ago and everyone was following? I wrote a piece after they won and the day of the celebration. Not surprisingly, both articles got viewed hundreds of times and generated a lot of traffic.

Now, I'm not saying you should just rehash what other news sites are posting, but by staying with current trends, you can feed your audience ideas they'll want to read about. Besides, you could also toss your own opinion in there to make it truly unique!

Think Outside the Box

Everyone loves to read about current events, but if that's all you're writing about, you AND your audience will grow tired of it. This is why you need to sit down and really think about something nobody else has written about.

You can literally write about anything that could generate interest. Maybe write about how you got out of bed yesterday morning and had a major epiphany, one that caused you to erect a replica of the Statue of David. Stuff like that.

Write for Your Audience, Not for Yourself

It's easy to forget that you have an audience of dedicated readers. When you first started blogging, you likely were just spilling your own thoughts onto paper to generate interest. But now that you've garnered support, you need to think about what your readers want, not what you want.

If you happen to love kittens dancing in a wrestling ring, you can be certain that your audience will not care at all about that topic.

I guarantee that you'll be on your way to writing better topics if your audience is enjoying your writing.

Better yet, if you find topics that you and your readers enjoy, you'll be on your way to masterful articles.


It all comes down to this: do not write bad articles and blog posts. It's really that simple.

About the author:

Joe Petchonka is a professional writer and blogger by trade, but he also helps NY Mazda dealerships in the northeast achieve their goals.

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Saturday, 28 January 2023
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