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Eyes Designed for Beauty and Awe

Graphic design. The boundaries are limitless. If you can imagine it, you can create it. A plus to graphic design is not having to start from scratch, but instead being able to modify, add to or take away from an already existing photograph. Adding lines, textures, colors and other design aspects can create a whole new way of looking at something very ordinary.

Eyes are a subject of interest that may not be very ordinary to begin with. They say “eyes are the windows to the soul” and with such a descriptive statement so goes the creation of a beautiful thought process surrounding eyes.

Graphic design can be done in multiple ways and the following shows the different ways to create stunning designs with eyes.

Created From Scratch

Starting from an original design with a simple vision in mind can create something never seen before even when based off something we see every day. Designing from scratch may be harder with no shapes or designs to help the process, but it can often become the most unique.

This drawing shows the different strokes that were made with the brush being used in whichever program being used. Also, the cool colors and the reflection in the eye offer a sense of wonder and a dream-like state. To see through the eyes and have the reflection shows a peaceful scene, but also delivers a feeling of missing or longing. The railroad type lines moving through the picture offer us a feeling of moving through time as if following a path through a dream.

Real Photos, Real Medium



Real Photos, Real MediumBoth of these photos add a different approach using different mediums. Both eyes have been started with a real photograph of someone’s eye. The first shows the details of the folds of skin within the eye socket as well as the shapes within the iris. The second keeps similar iris shapes although not as detailed as the first.

From farther away the first made with watercolors looks as though there is a physical photograph that has been painted around, but the paper that is being used shows otherwise. Also, close up, there are paint strokes within the iris. The second is a combination of colored pencil and ink.

Oftentimes graphic design is linked to the many new digital forms of photo manipulation, but using traditional mediums can add different effects and add that touch of real such as the real paint dripping down the page.


Digitally Designed


Digitally DesignedAs stated above, digital photo manipulation is a popular design option. Often in this type of design, real photographs are combined digitally to create a photograph. In this case, there is a real photo of someone’s eye, forehead, cheek and bridge of their nose. From the original photo, the artist then added an image of trees, birds, and a clouded sky along with a separate photo of a waterfall.  Placement along with other elements such as colors, photo filters (provided by the program being used) and other design elements work together to make the photo as real-looking as possible.

Finding the photos to be used in a digital manipulation is often as important as the ability to be able to combine them together. With “real” being the ultimate goal, it’s important the pictures fit together well.

About Author:

Miscelleana is a painter, writer and dabbles in the art of digital photo manipulation. When she's not marketing campaigns for NJ used cars dealers, she works on her art and enjoys sharing her creativity with others.

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Thursday, 08 December 2022
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