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Guest Blogging: When Mom Isn't Enough

Very few writers set out to create a blog meant to be read only by friends, family, household pets and the odd stranger; we all crave the biggest audience possible. If you're tired of your limited audience and at your wit's end in conceiving ideas to extend it, consider guest blogging to expose your work to people outside of your intimate circle.

Locate and contact a partner

Choose your dance partner carefully, selecting a blog that acts as something of an authority in your niche. Make contact with the blog owner, explain your position and proposal clearly and repeat as needed until you find a situation that will work well for you. Don't fret if the first site owner you contact isn't receptive to your ideas; given the sheer size of the interweb, you can be absolutely sure that a suitable partner is out there waiting for your email!

Write like a pro

Choose an engaging topic, write with confidence and flair and proofread until your eyes are dry - this is a unique opportunity and it deserves the best content that you have to offer. Given that you write on a regular basis as it is, consider preparing several articles to fill your guest post slot, choosing the best one of the bunch and ensuring that your most readable words are being published.

Utilize the results

Earning new visitors and subscribers is just the beginning; new readers means new opportunities. Learn about your growing user base, embrace their differing views, opinions and interests and continue to create content that will keep them coming back for more!

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Sunday, 04 December 2022
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