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Your Start Ups Success is Dependent on Your Web Host's Quality

With so many people starting their own start ups and trying to go the life of the entrepreneur—which I am a huge fan of—understanding what sorts of services they'll need to be successful is really important. One of those things—and if it is an Internet company, the most important thing—is the web hosting you use. The web hosting is what makes it possible for your website to be reached on the Internet.

web hositng datacenterCompanies such as Yahoo and Midphase provide web hosting for people and in many cases, they are great ones. But, even if you don't go with them, there are things that you need to look for to really ensure that you're getting the right web host.

To better appreciate and understand what you need in a web host, it is important to know the "specs" of web hosting. You're going to hear terms such as CPU, Bandwidth and Disk Space. You're going to be bombarded with offers of "unlimited bandwidth." You're going to see offers for $1.99 web hosting. That's great, but it's limiting and deceiving.

First things first. There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. No server can just handle an unlimited amount of anything. It's because of this that cell phone companies have to charge more money for data because their servers are getting bogged down. Therefore, when you see an offer for unlimited bandwidth, remember that there is no such thing as unlimited.

But, you might be asking: how are they offering that?

They are offering it because they know you'll never achieve it. And they know that because of the next thing which is called CPU. It's the CPU that really dictates a server's strength. When you start to use the server a lot, it has to use a ton of CPU. And when that happens, the web host goes, "No can do!" In other words, they shut you down because you are using too much CPU. So, while you might see "unlimited bandwidth," the fine print probably says something along the lines of a limited amount of CPU.

More so, what many of these "unlimited bandwidth" web hosts are doing is what's known as overselling. So, let's say that they are selling you 500GB of bandwidth. That's great, right? They're not offering unlimited. But, they'll sell that "offer" to 1,000 people. Suddenly we're at 500,000 GB of bandwidth. That might as well be unlimited because a server can't handle that. A typical server, from what I've read and researched, can handle 1,000GB of bandwidth if it is configured properly.

You might be asking: how can they do that?

It's simple. They believe that you won't ever reach your quota—or any of your quota for that matter—so they are selling the same bandwidth to dozens and dozens and dozens of people. Because they think you won't use any of it, or a tiny amount of it, they figure they should sell it. And since bandwidth is not an actual object, who can claim ownership to it?

The final part is the disk space and this is important to pay attention to. Disk space is how much space is actually available on a server. Remember, a server is a computer. So, like your computer, it only has so much space for stuff. Stuff is, like you'd imagine, the website and all the files that go along with it. So, if you are launching a site like Facebook, you are going to have a lot of stuff and therefore, need a lot of disk space. Pay attention to this, especially when you see an "unlimited bandwidth" offer because chances are, they aren't giving you much.

In the end, the most important thing to understand about web hosting is that it is directly tied to your online project's success. If you don't have a good set up, you're going to get hurt. Just think back to when Tumblr and all of these companies went down for a day. Amazon had problems with their hosting and everyone else hurt. It's important not to let that happen to you. By knowing what to look for, you can be better prepared for success.

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Jay works with start ups to maximize their growth. One of the things he advises his clients to do is check out Yahoo and Midphase for their domains and hosting because they tend to offer pretty good discounts. When bootstrapping a venture, the yahoo domain discount (available at WeightLossTriumph) and midphase coupon codes (use them here) can really be a good way to save some money to invest in other aspects of the business.  Jay is an Internet marketer who consults with companies on how to build their businesses. Visit Jay's Google plus profile to contact him.

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Tuesday, 06 December 2022
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