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Twitter Tools That Work For You

Twitter Tools That Work For You

Having lots of followers on Twitter makes your dental practice exciting and will surely bring in more clients. It is Rusty hardware toolsone of the most widely used social media sites; it is so popular that it is capable of creating controversies and often gets media attention through the tweets of popular personalities.

Twitter, being a micro-blogging site, allows users to view, give reactions, and interact through short posts, personal messages, opinions, ideas, photos and the like. Thus, this allows dentists to get in touch with patients easily and almost instantaneously. This is also an avenue for idea-sharing within the dental community. A commanding twitter presence is manifested by the number of followers that you have. Twitter is very popular and convenient that many professionals and businesses have integrated its platform to their own websites.

Optimize Your Time

Increasing or even just maintaining Twitter presence entails time and effort, especially nowadays when customers and the market have increasing demands. It is a good thing that Twitter tools are created to optimize your presence through regular and scheduled tweet postings, filtering of information, or customizing your Twitter page’s appearance. This eliminates the time that would keep you logged in to Twitter for long periods of time or repetitively in a day.


The key to improving Twitter presence is the availability of regular content –- which definitely builds a higher following and allows interaction among your clients, prospects or colleagues within the dental community. This is where https://bufferapp.com/ comes in handy. The tool allows you to make “buffer tweets,” which means you can write all the tweets that you want to post for the entire day or for a period of time that you will be away. And, the best thing about bufferapp is that it schedules the posting of your tweets at the most optimized time of the day -- allowing most reads from your followers. So, there’s no worry for quick slips in order to tweet. You can be away for a day or a week; and the buffer will still keep your twitter filled as long as you have a stock of tweets on hand. This tool also gives you access to your numbers –- the number of retweets, reach and clicks as a result of your personal tweets.


Another great application that weaves your Twitter with current events is Smartr. Promoting itself as “a smarter way to read tweets,” it allows your followers to read your news tweets in a more friendly platform, thus allowing viewers to better immerse on the content that you feed. This is not only a Twitter optimization tool but also a social networking site in itself since it allows users to link for topics of common interest. Most importantly, Smartr proves to be smart enough to filter spam news, allowing only the top ones from your stream.


Creating specialized lists is also essential in sifting through contacts in Twitter, as this gives you easy access to your different groups within your network. This is where Formulists, the tool that “creates Twitter lists more efficiently,” comes in. Formulists allows you to create specific triggers that will put the people into the right list that you have created. As a result, every time someone retweets, mentions or follows you, they are channelled into the right list. Furthermore, this tool also allows you to know who the most active guys in your network are.


In this internet marketing age, quick recognition is the key; thus, brand building is key to succeeding in making your dental service “top of mind” for your clients. Twylah, “your Twitter brand page,” automatically converts all your tweets into a beautifully made presentation. A Twylah page fills your Twitter with rich media display; plus, it allows you to categorize content, making it easier for your followers to get a grasp of your tweet thread.

With these tools that give an impressive Twitter presence, a good Twitter following is expected.

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