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The Top 5 Things That Will Annoy Your Twitter Followers

As the war between Facebook and Google+ rages on, Twitter seems to be the one social network that casually keeps attracting users and insane amounts of traffic without the need to irk its users through contentious measures and practices. Twitter indeed remains an extremely popular network where the number of users keeps increasing and this has made it one of the must-have tools for both businesses and professionals. Twitter’s usefulness are multiple and range from simply keeping up with the latest news (for regular users) to brand reputation and customer support (for organizations).

While Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool in your online marketing strategies, it is important to understand that misuse of the social network is quite rampant. As such, it is necessary to understand how to effectively use Twitter and what you must consistently avoid doing to preserve your reputation and followers. There are in particular several things that you must not do as these can be extremely annoying to Twitter users.

Ignoring people who tweet at you

This is probably the most annoying thing you could do on Twitter and is made even more unforgivable given the nature of Twitter (as in, a social network). You simply cannot afford to ignore those users that are taking the time to converse with you, however trivial the latter may be. It is also important to reply to them within a reasonable timeframe. Take too long to respond, and it will be no different than ignoring them.

Using foul language

However annoyed or angry you may be at something, Twitter is never the place to use strong language in an attempt to calm yourself. If strong language is visible on your profile, you can rest assured that it will give you a bad reputation and that people will remember that you are not actually worth following.

Tweeting in all caps

Tweeting in all caps basically literally translates to yelling. Given Twitter’s inherently public nature, posting in all caps on Twitter implies you’re out there yelling at everybody for no apparent reason. Contrary to what you may have heard, this is far from funny, even the first few times. In addition to the yelling aspect which is in itself extremely annoying, all caps tweets also tend to make the user’s feed look like garbage, which will eventually lead to him dropping you from his following list.

Tweeting the same thing multiple times

As you find something extremely interesting or want to promote an incredible offer on your products or service, you may be tempted to tweet solely about this for some time. This inevitably becomes a huge mistake, as your Twitter followers have a case of déjà vu with numerous similar tweets in their feed whenever they log in. They will be annoyed by this, especially if your similar tweets are preventing them from accessing other things they are actually looking forward to.

Talking only about yourself

While Twitter may be such a great tool for promoting your products and brand, you must always keep in mind that this is not its true purpose. If you exclusively focus on talking about yourself, your products or your services, people are going to get tired of you and will think you are not worth following. As such, you must take the time to act like a normal user, which involves sharing other interesting things and conversing with other users.

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The author is a search engine and social media expert based in Réunion Island. In addition to devising search engine and social media strategies, he is a blogger at the Culture Ile Réunion and Réunion Formation blog.

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