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Interesting Social Media Statistics For 2012

Social media has truly taken the world by storm. It is an ever growing sector and millions of people are utilizing it. It has become even more accessible and social media statistics 2011 saw previously censored countries using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to voice opinion. 2012 is set to be a big year for social media and in this interesting article we going to look at some of the social media statistics for the year to come.

Ever rising numbers

Facebook has grown to a staggering 800 million users adding a further more 200 users per year and Twitter has now hit its 100 million user mark. The average active Facebook user has around 130 friends and likes about 80 pages. 56% of Facebook users say that they are more likely to recommend a certain brand or company after having become a fan on Facebook. Facebook’s interface is utilized immensely for sharing and 3.5 billion pieces are shared every week. On the Twitter front of social media statistics, 34% of markets have gotten leads from utilizing Twitter and in mobile social media statistics, 55% of those users it access Twitter from their mobile devices.

Facebook social media statistics

  • Nearly every large charity and university in the United Sates is on Facebook and less than 60% of the fortune 500 are.
  • The amount of younger children on Facebook is rising substantially and 80% of the parents of these children helped them to create their accounts and 20% were aware that the children opened an account.
  • 77% of Facebook users said that they interact with brands mostly through reading updates and posts from those brands.
  •  58% of Facebook users like a specific brand on Facebook because they are an existing customer and 57% because they wanted to receive discounts and information on promotions.

Twitter social media statistics

  • Emarketers specializing in social media statistics estimate that by the end of this year Twitter will have 21 million users in the US alone, an interesting social media statistic.  
  • Twitter updates that include verbs have a 2% higher share-ability rating than ones that do not. 40% of Twitter users do not Tweet but just keep an eye on what people are saying.
  • The news of Beyonce’s pregnancy broke the Twitter record of 8, 868 Tweets per minute.
  • In terms of what are the main drives of things making people Tweet, 92% is of interesting content, 84% humor, 66% personal connection, 21% celebrity status, 32% offered incentive and 26% of please reTweet requests.

It is obvious that social media and social media tools are here to stay. Social media statistics show that numbers are rising and there may be a gap in the market for a new social media giant that can evolve the way we are communicating these days and push the boundaries.

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Jemma Scott has a keen interest in social media and statistics surrounding this topic. Her interest stems from her work with shared hosting packages and what they offer social media.

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