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Have Sites Like Facebook Made People More Comfortable With Cloud Solutions?

The rise of social networking sites such as Facebook has led to a number of developments and changes within the technology world occurring alongside alterations to our own lives.

Many of us would now struggle to conduct our daily forms of communication and correspondence without the use of such sites, but what exactly does this mean for cloud computing? Have sites such as Facebook made people more receptive to and comfortable with the computing solutions that they offer?

Cloud computing has been labelled as the “next big thing” of the technological world, despite initial concerns over the safety of data and the security of the services that are provided. The increasing acceptance and positive expectations for cloud computing could therefore be attributed to the changes which social media sites, such as Facebook, have instigated. Opening a world in which our personal information and data is entered on a web-hosted site has meant that many of us are beginning to find ourselves more comfortable with the notion of entering data into an online environment.


All new technologies and systems become commercially popular once they are considered familiar, with the step between familiarity and normality being particularly small. Social network sites and web-hosted email services have a number of things in common with cloud computing services and in many ways can be seen as equivalent to them. This is because, as in cloud computing software, your files, information and data are all stored on servers which are hosted externally and accessed via the internet.

By making users familiar with the distribution of files via internet systems along with the sharing of personal information, sites such as Facebook are allowing users to become more comfortable with the idea of cloud computing and could increase their feelings of security when it comes to storage and use of this information. As we are all familiar with the security measures in place by such systems, we are able to understand the ways in which data can be put at risk and the ways in which it can be protected. This increases our trust of such systems and increases the chances that we will consider the use of it within our businesses as well as our homes.


Confidence in a system is directly correlative to its success, so cloud computing software would need high levels of confidence before computer users opted for the service. Confidence in a system relies directly on the security measures which are provided, so the more secure a system is, the better it will be received and the quicker it is likely to be adopted. The problem with services such as Facebook is that there have been a number of security issues in the past with regards to the publicity of personal information and the ease of access which these types of services offer users.

The fact is that sites such as Facebook mean that a large proportion of important personal data, such as full names, contact details and dates of birth, are held within the system and are often made public to other users. This information can then be used to commit crimes such as identity fraud, leading to some users having concerns about the safety of their information.

Thankfully, the concerns over security were acknowledged and recent developments in systems such as these have seen security measures increased in order to provide users with greater confidence in the service. Cloud computing is available from a number of providers, who generally offer two very distinct privacy settings when it comes to their services.

The first of these is sometimes known as the ‘Community Cloud’ and relates to software where documentation and data is easily and readily accessible to most, if not all, users. The second of these is known as the ‘Private or Personal Cloud’ and relates to security levels which restrict access to information rigidly. These developments mean that all business information can now be stored in a centralized area, but under varying levels of security in order to restore users’ confidence and provide the best possible service.

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