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Content Management Systems: A Must For Any New Website

These days many websites are highly complex beasts with an ever increasing amount of information needing to be available to customers and staff alike.

So there is an ever increasing need for companies to use content management systems to control how their data is distributed and displayed. This can take the form of having a staff intranet site enabling, where by as an example staff policies may need to be regularly updated, or expense forms or timesheets filled in on line.

Whereas once many such things were done on several different systems there is now a trend towards convergence, decreasing the usage of older legacy systems and moving towards a one solution for all. And it is content management systems that are being used to do this.

They can also be used for providing outward facing interaction with customers, enabling you to easily update data on your site with no need for website programming skills. This makes them ideal for use in you being able to control both the content of your Internet and Intranet sites very easily.

Not only this they can now be used to develop e-commerce sites, enabling you to display your products as well as integrating with online invoicing.

You can also use it to provide client areas where they can login and gain access to information, making it ideal for membership based sites, where differing levels of membership may offer different levels of access.

You can also use it manage your emails and email based sales campaigns.

Good content management systems also offer the ability for you to dictate items such as the page title, description, meta tags and keywords enabling you to carry out your own search engine optimisation.

This has only been possible with the introduction of content management systems, as previously to carry out search engine optimisation all of the above items such as keywords and page titles would have had to be amended by your web designer, and thus by allowing you the ability to do these changes yourself you save money in the longer term by not having to pay the web developer for every little change to your website.

These systems now mean you can add new content, products and services when are where you want to without any additional cost every time you change or add something to the site.

A good system will be intuitive and easy to use, whilst there will obviously be an up front cost in implementing such as system, the payback in the longer run is very good, the costs saved in closing down legacy systems and not having to carry on paying to maintain them alone, can often cover the initial purchase and installation costs.

As ever when implementing a system of this type and size you should ensure that you get references from the supplier and take these up before proceeding, indeed if you can get the supplier to arrange a visit to a clients sites, many companies will spare you an hour or so if their implementation went well.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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