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Four Sites to Start Your Blog on for Free

If you want to start a blog, you can purchase your own domain and pay for a web hosting subscription. However, this can get costly, especially when you’re just starting out or only blogging as a hobby. There’s no need to pay for your blog when you can create and manage one for free. There are lots of great websites that provide you with free blog hosting and all the tools you need to set up your dream site. Here are four great websites that you can start your blog on for free today. You might also be interested reading "Blogging Tips and Blogging Tutorials" comprehensive guide.


WordPress.com ScreenshotWordPress software is the most popular free tool for managing blogs. It’s open source, so millions of people contribute to it around the world. You can download WordPress to create your blog on your own registered domain name, or you can sign up for a free blog on WordPress.com. WordPress blogs allow you to create a blog using more than 100 attractive premade themes, or you can customize your own look using CSS. You’ll get 3GB of storage, and your blog can be made public or kept private. Stats will let you know all about who is visiting your blog, and Akismet technology will protect you from spam comments. There is also live, 24-hour support to help you if you need it.  Even more features are available with a premium membership, but WordPress is a great tool for anyone to use.



Blogger.com screenshotBlogger is another excellent site to create your blog on for free. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, or you can edit the look of your blog with CSS and HTML. There are hundreds of widgets and gadgets you can add to your blog for lots of great features, and Blogger makes things very intuitive for beginner users who want to add photos, videos, and rearrange their blog. Blogger will also help you earn money from your blog by integrating AdSense ads and the Amazon Associates program if you choose. You can create multiple pages for your blog, and get a unique Mail-to-Blogger email address that will allow you to post on the go. There are lots of successful blogs that are run using Blogger.  


Weebly.com screenshotWeebly is a great, free tool that will allow you to create professional-looking websites and blogs without any need for technical knowledge or HTML skills. When you create a blog, you use an incredibly simple “drag and drop” method of arranging and designing your page. Weebly has lots of great features for you to use, including the ImagePerfect photo editor and detailed traffic statistics. There are no unwanted ads on your page, but you can integrate AdSense if you’d like. Weebly is definitely worth a try.



Blog.com screenshotBlog.com offers lots of features to help you create a blog for free. It’s incredibly simple to use and customize. You can pick from many different themes, add a variety of widgets including Flickr photos and Delicious links, and pick a custom URL. You can easily integrate with social networking sites and track your site traffic with Google Analytics. It’s also easy to set up a blog that allows multiple authors. If you’d like to try a premium membership, you can get your very own domain and earn money from ads.



Jessica Brown is always looking for a good freebie!  She keeps her business writing sharp by using a grammar checker.  

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