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The Basics Of SEO For Beginners

If your company has a website and you want as many potential customers to visit it as possible to buy your products, use your services or to contact you for further information then then SEO can greatly enhance your company’s chances of success. This article takes a look at what exactly SEO is and how you can use it to benefit your business.


Basically Search Engine Optimization or as it is more commonly known, SEO, is an online marketing technique that aims to rank your website as highly as possible in search results. There are billions of websites on the internet, containing masses of information, products and services and Google along with other search engines try to provide their users with the best possible results from their search. This means that they want to display the websites that are most relevant to the search that has been performed. SEO uses a variety of techniques to ensure that a website is considered as relevant to the search that has been performed and that a website generates as much relevant traffic as possible.

Organic & PPC

There are two variations of search engine results, namely organic results and pay per click (PPC) results. SEO techniques are aimed towards getting your business ranked as highly as possible for organic results; these are the sites that Google and other search engines naturally rank in terms of their perceived relevance in relation to the search terms. PPC results are advertisements that websites have paid for in order to feature on top of search engine result lists and they pay every time their advert has been clicked.

SEO For Customers

If you are looking to buy a new pair of shoes and go you type men’s shoes into Google then you will want to see a list of websites that sell men’s shoes. Google will provide you with a list of websites that they believe you will find to be most relevant for your search. The vast majority of people will choose a website from the first page of results and usually choose the first or second organic listing to click on. Therefore it is clear how important it is for businesses to try and get their site at the top of the list, especially as we as customers rely on Google and other search engines to tell us which result is the best and we usually trust the number one result to be the most appropriate website to visit. For customers who have some awareness of SEO it becomes more obvious that just because a website is listed in the number one position for a search doesn’t mean that they have the best products, prices and services and theses people tend to perform parallel searches, visiting a few websites in order to find the best product, service or price for them.

SEO For Businesses

As previously pointed out, the vast majority of web users will visit the number one and number two organic results on the first page and so if you want your business to benefit from search engine queries then you must optimize your site so that it ranks highly. By ranking highly for key phrases that you have researched and chosen to suit your business will you be able to feature prominently in web searches and gain a large amount of relevant traffic. It is important that the traffic that comes to your site is relevant to the content of your site, the products you sell and the services that you provide as there is little point in receiving thousands of visits from people who are not interested in what you are selling and will leave straight away. If you want to best optimise your site to climb up the search engine rankings then you should consult a professional SEO company that will guide you through the process.

About Author

Sam Qam is an SEO services Consultant. He has worked for several SEO companies and on campaigns that have resulted in his client’s websites climbing to the top of search engine results and gaining more traffic as a result.

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