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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new technology that is gaining so much popularity. Many companies are starting to emerge which offers cloud computing services and businesses are now faced with a decision on whether to implement cloud technology or not in their enterprise.

To sum up, cloud computing is a technology where a host provides IT services over the Internet. All of the company’s software, data, and application are hosted on a central location called a cloud provided by the hosting service and all the users of the company have access to the cloud via the Internet.

Any technology has its advantages and disadvantages and here is a list for Cloud Computing Technology:

Advantages of Cloud Computing

1.    Cost Saving. Companies can save big by employing cloud computing as it eliminates cost for hardware and software as the company will be using the IT infrastructure of the cloud hosting company instead. In a normal setup, company needs to buy hardware and software licenses to operate a network. The amount of data of the company also dictates the amount of storage space needed. With cloud computing, company uses the resources of the hosting company to store their data and applications. Companies also pay for use of the software and programs by paying a subscription fee on an as-needed basis thereby eliminating the need to buy software licenses per employee or for the entire organization.
2.    Immediate Access to Software Program. With cloud computing, an organization can have immediate access to any software or program that they need instead of going through the process of software testing and then installing the software across the enterprise as the cloud hosting company has a whole suit of software and applications available for easy access to all their subscribed clients.
3.    Data and Application on the Go. Since data and application can be access by authorized users from any device anywhere in the world as long as there is Internet connectivity, users can have easy access to their data anytime they want just by accessing the cloud. This gives employees flexibility as they can work and access their data, as if they are physically located in their office, whichever part of the world they are located.
4.    Ensure 100% Uptime. Since Cloud Hosting companies have build their infrastructure to ensure 100% uptime by providing redundant services, businesses will be guaranteed that they will experience no down-time which is critical, as any seconds of lost connectivity can mean loss of business and income for a company.
5.    Easier Management of Data and Information. Since all data are located on a centralized location, data are more organized making it easy to manage. All transactions are also recorded so management can easily track activities of their employees.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

1.    Dependence on Network Connectivity. Since data and application are accessed via Internet, a downtime on network connection means that users don’t have access to data and applications in the cloud. But this is just a temporary problem which can be easily resolved and addressed by your company’s Internet Service Provider.
2.    Compatibility with Company’s Existing Peripheral and Devices. An organization must make sure that peripherals such as printers are compatible with cloud computing. Otherwise, they will have to purchase new equipment that will work with cloud technology which will bring additional cost to the company.
3.    Security. Companies might feel uncomfortable knowing that their data is not physically located in their premises and is stored in a virtual server which makes responsibility on the security of the data difficult to determine. Since Cloud computing is still a relatively new technology, there are still not much laws enacted on the protection of data stored in the cloud. Since everything is done via the Internet, hackers might find it easier to steal information on the cloud than on a physical server.

Cloud computing can really change the way organizations do business. Is it a technology that every organization should employ? The company can answer these questions by weighing the mentioned pros and cons so they can find a solution that will give their organization greater benefit.

Abie is a freelance article writer and her current work is for templates.motocms.com, a website where you can find a lot of  Flash templates.

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