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Tips for Holiday Blogging

When the website you are creating is a holiday blog-personal or commercial- and your credibility or livelihood is directly connected with the site's ability to increase traffic and make a buck, your readers interest depend on its content. Some ways to make your blog interesting are to offer pertinent targeted news related to the holiday events around the world, information on sales, products or industry, beauty tips and perhaps cooking recipes, so that when customers are looking for a particular information, this site is the first place they turn for help.

Offer Free Information

You can create the content and structure them to cover the most popular products, services, videos and frequently asked questions. To see a blog with excellent holiday ideas, search capability and the ability to choose various topics is what excites readers, and to be seen as a resource when users have a problem is high praise indeed, that enhances the worth of product(s). Those who buy, follow, install and maintain your tips, products and ideas will know that you are there for them. While true for just about anything, this is vital to make your blog a destination.

Make Associations that Make Sense

There is no finer tool in writing a holiday blog than the use of comparison of different stores or products and making association. When you use this technique, be sure to choose things that are meaningful to your readers. To say that more money can be saved at Safeway than at a Chevron is fine, but just what items bought at Safeway lead to the savings and what has that got to do with a gasoline station? There's a surprise. Are you trying to compare the probability of saving money if Safeway turned itself into a gas station? Or are you saying that the vending machine snack in a gas station costs lot more than in a food store? Those are the questions that you do not want the readers asking. 

Update Information

The web is cluttered with a vast amount of out of date material. It is troubling to read about an event or a holiday only to find out that what you are reading is years old. Keep your information fresh and up to date by including the date and year on your blog. This way the readers can easily determine if the information is for the current event or last year's. 

Be Specific

When people are in trouble, they call, "Help!” They do not have the time or patience to explain their circumstance in details or leave long messages. Tell the reader right up front what products and services you are talking about. Write for clarity and understanding, which is a good thing. Readers, especially on the web, scan text looking for keywords, often reading the first two words of a paragraph. Knowing this, it's in a blogger's best interest to place the most important words and keywords in the beginning and make sure that the reader can make sense out of and find your content. Place the important content for the elements that stand out on a page, headings, summaries, captions, links, and subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists.

Things to Avoid

  1. Abbreviations made up on the fly or using a commonly used abbreviation to refer to something else are big mistakes. If you do, you will alienate all the people who can't figure out what you are saying and that is the Kiss of Death to your readers, clients, your reputation and above all, your favorite holiday blog. 
  2. While it may seem very cool to write things that are insulting, vulgar, hate-filled or derogatory terms just to show opinions, these things only turn people off. There is no need or excuse to be vulgar and insulting. 
  3. Never put an "Under Construction" page that is supposed to have content when the readers follow a link. It only makes your webpage unprofessional. 

Humors and jargons should always be used with caution. What is funny to you or locally may not be to your readers or may not play well to international users. 

Holiday blogging can be a great way to increase traffic and show your festive side. With a little planning, creativity and discipline, you can have success in offering your holiday cheer. Be cautious of how you approach the holidays, your opinions and tailor your posts to your readers to assure a new popularity among holiday lovers.

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Author Mark Williams has been in the web design industry for over ten years and loves to share his ideas. As a freelance writer and web designer, he is able to bring a fresh perspective on many topics like this one.

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