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Top 5 eBook Applications

Because of the versatility of the different smart phones available in the market today, the phones capability has been extended and has been used not only to send messages and make calls but for a bunch of other functions too. There are a number of applications available that lets a smart phone user do multitude of tasks from his phone like send email, chat using Yahoo Messenger, make calls using Skype, connect with friends in Facebook and more.

Another feature which most of the smart phone users love is the ability of smart phones to open Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or ePub files which lets them read eBooks from their phone. This is with the use of eBook applications for smart phones that displays the eBook in a format that is easy and comfortable for the users to read.

Here are some most loved eBook applications for smart phones and android phones:

1. Apple's iBook. This application is created by Apple and is the application that they recommend for iPhone and iPad users. What is nice about iBook is that it gives a feel of reading a real book because of its looks, its layout, its page turning effect and even the capability of adding a bookmark to a page. The drawback of iBook though is that it has a limitation on the type of file that it can open as Apple only allows PDF and ePub files to be read on iPhones and iPads.

2. Amazon's Kindle. This application will let you read Kindle eBooks even if you don't have a Kindle device. These applications also allow access to over 500,000 books available for purchase and download from Amazon store.

3. Barnes and Nobles' Nook. Just like Kindle application, the Nook application from Barnes and Nobles lets you read your Barnes and Nobles eBooks using any android device. Reviews said that it offers a much better reading screen compared to iBook and Kindle but the disadvantage though is that it only allows paid subscriptions from Barnes and Nobles to be opened using the application.

4. Kobo. If you own multiple gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Palm, PC and you use it to read eBooks, then this e-book application suits you. It stores all purchased and downloaded eBooks to an external Kobobook's cloud, which you can access anytime. This allows users to take their entire eBook collection on the go. The con of this application is it lacks the more sophisticated eBook features, which are available on other eBook applications, but this will pass as a recommended application for those who are always on the go and have multiple devices.

5. Aldiko. The advantage of this eBook application is that it does not tie you to any eBook store like Kindle and Barnes and Nobles. Users can purchase any Adobe PDF and ePub files from any eBook store and download and store it internally to the device without the need for a computer.

All these applications have each of their pros and cons. There is no clear-cut answer as to which application is the best. It is still up to the user to choose which eBook application to choose based on the device that he owns and the file format of the eBooks that they have purchased and downloaded.

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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