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Useful HMTL5 Free Tools and Resources

A few months ago, we’ve started topic related to HTML5 on your blog, we’ve wrote an article “Top 5 HTML5 Online Tools To Simplify HTML5 Coding” which was quite successful and we’ve receive very good feedback. A lot time has pass since then and a lot new free tools are online. We’ve decided to select another 5 tools which can be very useful for everybody that want to write HTML5 easier.

Flash to HTML5

Have you ever wondering how to convert your flash website or flash videos to HTML5 as iPhone, iPad and most devices based on Android doesn’t support Flash player? This is fairly easy with Flash to HMTL5 tool, which is offered in 2 versions - browser version compatible with IE9+, Firefox5+, Chrome11+ and Safari4+, as well as downloadable desktop edition.  To be more accurate you need to select SWF file, upload this file and after that download it in HTML5 code, simple and easy.

HTML5 Test

As HMTL5 is far from its completion and it is developed on daily basis, not all browser support latest functionality. This is online tool that shows exactly which features of HTML5 your current browser support and which part of HTML5 can display properly. Information comes into tables, checking elements, canvas, audio, video, etc. Very useful and very easy to read and understand information.

SVG to HTML5 Canvas Converter

Another useful tool that can help you to experiment with canvas functions of HTML5. It converts SVG files to HTML5 Canvas JavaScript function. It is very easy to work with as most vector graphic software like Illustrator, Inkspace, etc; support the format. This online tool uses canvg SVG parser and renderer.

Online XRay Tool

XRay Tool is supported by Mozilla based browsers (Safari, Firefox, Camino, etc) as web kit and as bookmarklet for IE6+. It simply gives you all the information for particular page element including HTML5 elements such as canvas, audio, video. There are detailed instructions how to use it on the website.

HTML Code Generator

Online wizard that can help you to generate the major elements of HMTL page just input your data and get the preview of your code. This tool is especially useful for people with basic experience.
For sure HTML5 is the future and the biggest major update of HTML in more than a decade. Language is far from completion, but even not can offer great functionality supported by most popular web and mobile browsers.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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