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Short URL Branding

Growing popularity of social networking as marketing method is something that all companies should integrate in their strategy and at some networks shortening URLs is necessity.
Right now top companies already started implementing brand building strategies in their short URLs, for example , YouTube  - youtu.be,  Facebook – fb.me, Twitter – t.co, Coca-Cola uses cokeurl.com,  etc.

Definitely recognized short branded URLs can increase trust as most likely sender is known and click through rate is very high.

Many companies may experience difficulties, as most of the short domains are already taken, but for sure it is highly probably those domain names that match your business name is not in use, so check all reliable domain registrars, check domain auctions and for sure you can get a good short domain which will fit perfectly.
ICCAN recently announced generic domains, but probably this will not happen in the near future, those will be top level domain suffixes like .car, .web, .love, etc.  However, right now there are many local top level country domain extensions that may suit your needs for now.
With all this domain name extensions, organization should be ensure that name fits perfectly to their profile and can be easily recognized, remembered and tight up with company brand. 
So what is the next step? Well, there are number of scripts that are inexpensive and can be used for creating short URLs. The next step is finding a reliable web hosting service, depending on the traffic, a good choice should be mid-level VPS to small dedicated server, and of course you can give a try even with shared web hosting for start-up.

Let’s face it – online market nowadays is very competitive and everybody should think out of the box to stand up of the crowd. Brand building is one of the keys to success online and social networks are the one of the best brand building methods, implementing branded short URL strategy may improve click rate, brand loyalty and gives many other opportunities.

Ps. You can start your own URL branding or URL shortening services, as there are many open source scripts – just search for Shorty, YOURLS, kissa.be!, PHP ULR, etc.  

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Monday, 27 June 2022
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