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Tips to Start your Location-Based Marketing Strategy

Many businesses has been using various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and many more to promote their businesses. You will often see most companies setup their Facebook accounts, interact and communicate with their clientele via Twitter and more. These businesses have seen the potential of these various social networking sites that is why they are actively utilizing these platforms to promote their business.
Why are social networking sites a good venue for advertisement? Because of the boom of the different social media, it has generated millions of users that is why promoting your company via this media widens your client reach not to mention that it is the most affordable way to launch an advertising campaign.
And with the popularity of social media marketing comes another way for companies to promote their business and that is through Location-Based Marketing (LBM).
Almost all people carry a mobile phone with them and mobile phones nowadays are getting advance that it is equipped with various tools that will add functionality to the phone like the GPS services that most iPhones, android phones and smart phones have. That is why developers have started to develop location-based apps to utilize this GPS tool.
Location-based app like FourSquare, Facebook Pages, Gowalla and more, uses the GPS service of a phone to give the user’s real-time location. When a user “checks-in” to a location via FourSquare for example, the user’s real-time location will get published and will be shared with contacts in various social networking sites so this is instant promotion. Users of these location-based services can also post comments and feedbacks about the location so positive feedbacks can help attract more customers to your business. These location-based applications has real-time results because it not only drives traffic to your company’s website but potential customers can be enticed to visit the physical location of the business once they see your business as one of the nearby establishments when they check their location-based applications. 

Therefore, Location-Based marketing should really be a part of a company’s marketing strategy as this can be a big help to attract customers. So how can businesses make full use of these Location-Based Services to help their business generate revenue? Here are a few tips:
1. Setup an account. Sign up to different location-based networks and make sure that your business has the most updated and accurate information so your potential clients will get the correct information every time they check-in. Correct information ensures that potential clients can find your business when looking for a hotspot when they're out.
Signing up for an account is free and very easy and location-based networks just have to verify the ownership of the location and business owners can start putting information that clients need to visit their location.

2. Launch different promotional campaign through these location-based networks. Launch different promos to attract customers to “check-in (aka physically visit your shop). Some examples of promos that you can do includes:
    •    Give coupons and vouchers to clients who check-in for the first time
    •    Give incentives and discounts by reaching a minimum number of “check-ins” or visits to your shop
    •    Give coupons for those who leave a positive feedback upon check-out
Make sure that these offers are being promoted in the different location-based networks so potential clients can see the promos and discounts that your business is offering every time they check out your business from these various location-based networking sites.

3. Get to know your customers who regularly “checks-in” to your business. Like in FourSquare, users who “checks-in” the most to a location will become the mayor of that location. Get to know the mayors of your company and offer them discounts and vouchers for referral as they have the most influence and can spread good news about your business.

A famous coffee shop, Starbucks, have used this reward system already when they offer $1 off coffee daily to the mayor of Starbucks in FourSquare.

4. Tie Up with complimentary brand within the area. For example you are selling hair products like shampoo and conditioner. You can leave free samples to a salon nearby to establish brand awareness so potential clients might check out your business too after checking in at locations where you establish a tie up.
Social networking is really becoming to be one of the most essential component in businesses today. With more and more users relying on their mobile phones and using online services for almost all their daily activities, it is important that businesses don’t get left behind and they start utilizing these services too to get more traffic and revenue to their business

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