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Holiday Discounts can Result in More Success Online

The last thing people think about when discussing the holidays is the potential for profit and exposure to one’s business. It’s just not in the mindset because people are thinking about presents. However, as a webmaster, it is really important to think about how discounts and coupons can result in increased revenue for you and, even if not an increase in revenue immediately, an increase in the amount of people that are talking about you.

holiday discounts The reason that big companies like Finish Line and 6PM all offer tremendous discounts online is because they are looking for a couple of things to happen. The first is that they want to increase revenue as they go toward the end of the year which always looks good. The second is that they increase the likelihood that you’ll buy something else because the coupon brought you into the store. And the third, which is always nice, is that they’re going to get mentioned on the social networks and linked to.

It’s this final thing that, even if nothing else works, you should be considering when you’re running your business. You should be trying to figure out any way possible that people are going to want to talk about your business, so if you’re running a sale, you’ll want everyone to know about it. The best way to do that is as follows.

First, put together what exactly you’re going to offer as your discount. The point of a discount is to get the sale and to get people to your website. Therefore, make sure that it’s something people are really interested in. If selling a tablet for $100 less than normal results in you getting $100 more in accessories, your profit margin will still probably be high.

Second, you’ll want to determine a hashtag on Twitter to get people into it and try and get it trending. It can be something as simple as #100Tab for that tablet. Then, you can search and see how far and wide that hashtag is spreading as people retweet it. And you’ll be able to extrapolate that there are a few more people who aren’t using the hashtag, so the reach is even greater.

Encourage people to link to the offer. Make it easy for the link to be done by offering the code under the offer. If one person links, that’s more links than you had before. However, people love to link to offers and it’ll get you some links on blogs and websites. Plus, people will paste the links on Facebook which is a great way of getting more business real fast.

Finally, have a method in place on your website to get people to buy or somehow interact with you some other way. My favorite is through email. If you can get people to give you your email, you can remind people you exist on a regular basis. In other words, if you have a new discount or coupon, you can let them know before anyone else knows and it will help to get the next trending topic going.

The holidays are great and eventful. However, they are also a time to make money. You should, without a doubt, be making money even during the holidays. This is one way to make sure that next year’s holidays are profitable for you as you do the work this year. Happy holidays and best of luck growing your business. 

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Jay is an Internet marketer who specializes in helping businesses experience growth with discounts and coupons. It is important, in his opinion, to emulate the success that companies such as Finish Line and 6PM have. On Weight Loss Triumph he offers all sorts of Finish Line discount coupons, as well as this thorough review and coupon of 6pm. Finish Line and 6pm have a large selection of shoes and apparel for men, women, and children. Jay can be found at Google Plus.

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Guest on Sunday, 27 November 2011 01:10

This site is very informative in lots of ways specially SEO point of view and certainly ranks inside former category. Really appreciate the details your providing use avid readers!

This site is very informative in lots of ways specially SEO point of view and certainly ranks inside former category. Really appreciate the details your providing use avid readers!
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