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Some Web Design Features That Should Be Avoided

One of the most important things about website designing is that it is an ever-changing environment. A website might be designers’ envy at one age, will be a laughing stock in the next. It is best to keep moving with the time and evolve with the changing dynamics of web designing world. This is a sign of capable professional website designers, they never stay still, and they keep evolving with the time.

Below are some best web design practices that should be avoided:
  • The website title should not be one word; the worst is leaving it as untitled. It should be catchy, attention grabbing and something that develops curiosity in the visitors to read the whole content.
  • The websites that feature over-stretched and over-optimized images inform the visitors of their old-fashioned style, which also makes it unfriendly towards search engines. SEO says that high-res images should not be used, as it increases the loading time of the website. This not only makes search engines unhappy, but the visitors also get annoyed by the long time the website takes to load.
  • Having a website hit counter will be a big turn-off for most visitors, as it reminds them of a by-gone era and because it shows that the website has not been updated since the late 1990s.
  • If at the opening the website, several external website windows pop out as well. This is something that greatly frustrates the visitors, especially if opening every single page of the website opens dozens of other external links outside the original browser’s window.
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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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