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Five Secret Ways to Get More Traffic From Your Articles

 Article SqueezingLet me tell you what’s involved if an Internet marketer or blogger wants to promote a product or write an article for his or her blog. The first thing they have to do is research the subject or topic they wants to write about and we all know that this can take hours. Next they have to write, format, proof read and post the article to their website.

Sometimes this process can be very very frustrating and time consuming, because as you are writing an article, sometimes you can get hit with writer's block or worse still cannot find anything to write about anyway. So you can see that every article that is written is very precious in the eyes of the writer.

Now as soon as that article has been posted on the Internet marketer’s or blogger’s website, that article becomes old content once it gets indexed. To make matters worse even though the content gets indexed there is no guarantee that anyone will even find it on the search engines.

In this powerful article I'm going to reveal to you five amazing ways that you can squeeze extra goodness out of every single article you create from now on.

The Presentation Article Booster

I have to share this tip with you first because it is that good. It is a very simple technique and as long as you have some sort of PowerPoint presentation software you can utilise this tip immediately.

All you have to do is turn every article that you create into a presentation using Powerpoint and then submit it to link share.net or any other presentation sharing websites.

I can guarantee you that this technique alone can get you at least 300 views within 36 hours if you share your presentation on your linked in network. Just join a few big groups within your niche and share your new presentation within your groups.

This is very very effective and it doesn't stop there. You can do a search on Google and find other highly trafficked and high PR presentation sharing websites and share your content there also.

And to take this step a little bit further you could also go over to fiverr.com and get someone to create a presentation from your article for five dollars. I have found people that will create the presentation for you and then submit it to the top five presentation sharing websites.

The Video Article Switch Method

I love this method and it is very effective, you can get your article and turn it into a video. There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. You can read your article on camera and then upload it
  2. You can just upload your PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow with some nice music playing in the background
  3. For people who are camera shy, you can read the article and create a slideshow so that there are pictures rotating on the video with you narrating.

Then you can upload your video to Tubemogul and they will distribute your video to other video sharing sites like brake, buzznet,YouTube and others.

Using this method will definitely squeeze more traffic out of an article.

Sneaky Pod cast

If you do create a video of you either reading your article or narrating your article, you can strip the audio from your video and then create a podcast with it. Pretty smart eh!!

Bookmarking With Free Automation

This is pretty easy and pretty simple bookmarking has been around for years and is used by everyone. It is a great way to get your article seen by thousands of people and it may even go viral.

Just make sure that you bookmark everything i.e. your article, you presentation, your video and podcast, that way your article will get a crazy amount of exposure on all levels.

Now you can use Onlywire.com to bookmark your content with just one click of a button. There is also another website called ping.fm which is like Onlywire. I recommend that you use them both.

Shoot over to fiverr.com and get someone to create your only wire and ping.fm accounts for you for five dollars. Once the accounts have been created you can use them over and over again.

Old Post Rejuvenation

This tip is only relevant to people who have Wordpress blogs because I'm about to share one of my favourite Wordpress plug-ins. So with this plug-in you can re-tweet your old posts every six hours if you want or every day, the choice is yours.

If you are a blogger or Internet marketer this article will definitely help you to get more traffic to every one of your articles.

About Author

Robert Jones a.k.a. kezanari is The owner of kezanari.com.  He is an Internet marketer and blogger who specialises in helping Newbie Internet marketers to navigate their way around the online world.  He also specialises in traffic generation and search engine optimisation. Check out his website for more information

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Guest on Friday, 25 November 2011 13:18

Really very nice article for drive more traffic at websites.
Thanks for sharing great article with us.

Really very nice article for drive more traffic at websites. Thanks for sharing great article with us.
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