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The Dangers of Online Blogging

Have you ever said something to someone about your boss that you never thought your boss would find out, and, to your dismay, he/she did?  This happens often, and it is always embarrassing.  With the increase of online socialization, this happens even more often.  Comments made online can often be exposed to exactly the person you don’t want to see them.

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With the rise of blogging, and everyone baring their thoughts freely to the world, this has become a big danger, especially for young people.  Gossip, secrets, and just plain ranting are popping up all over the internet.

The thing that comes with the popularity of blogging is the popularity of reading blogs.  Let’s put this in terms everyone can understand.  You post a status on Facebook.  For every single status you post, you scroll down and read through the status updates of about 15-20 of your friends.  If this same principal applies directly to blogging, the publicity of it will only make more people able and willing to read what you wrote.  That’s a lot of people knowing a lot about you.

This can also be a problem, because it presents an issue of confidentiality that most young people do not truly understand until they meet an unfriendly comment.  Then they are upset at the person and immediately forget they were just baring their souls to a world of complete strangers.  Oops!

Young people and others all over are increasingly coming to terms with the dangers faced when they tell their stories online.  These situations can cause embarrassment at the very least, and at the worst, can sometimes prevent a young person from getting a job or even getting into a college that happens to be technically-savvy.

For example, a young person blogs every day and tells about drama she is having with other girls and her boyfriend.  She rants all the time about text messages and talks about going out to parties every weekend.  Then she applies for a job.  The employer does a little research, sees her public blog, begins reading it and is immediately given an impression of her that her application did not give.  As a result, she does not get the job.  This happens way too often today, too.

This, unfortunately, is unavoidable in the world of blogging.  It cannot be reversed because the availability popularity of reading blogs is essential to the success of blogging.  That is bad news for teens who have essentially put their…umm...keyboard… in their mouth, so to speak. 

So young people, beware when you blog!  Know that what you say now can and probably will have an impact later on.  As fun as it may seem to post all of your personal thoughts and stories online for everyone to see, beware of what you are posting.  Know that it may have an impact on you in later life.  Consider your future when you post information.  This will keep you safer from embarrassing, and possibly detrimental mistakes in life.

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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