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Back to Basics: 5 SEO Tips for 2012

2011 was a big year for Internet marketers, especially with the Google Panda/Farmer update taking down former monoliths in the SEO world. So, what is your resolution in 2012? Beat the algorithm, that’s what. Well, you can’t beat Google, but you can do some simple things to help your SEO efforts. Some of these tips may seem a little familiar to pre-2012 SEO, but they now have special emphasis.

Original Content

Do you know why most of those monoliths were taken down from Google heaven to veritable hell? Because they had 1,000 pages on the same topic. “How to play a guitar”, “how to manually play a guitar”, “how do I play a guitar?” “how does one play a guitar?” Both people and search engines got tired of this. There are also those terrible scraper sites that steal people’s content in the hopes of ranking above them.

How do you beat this? Work on some good and original content that people will like, not just reiterations on the same thing over and over again.

Work on Keyword Percentage

Do you know that when search engines first started, adding the keyword cloud or having a keyword percentage of 10% was considered good? Can you imagine reading that now? The content is terrible, and search engines know it. So, what can you do to stay relevant and make search engines happy? Reduce the amount of keywords you use.

A good percentage is around 1-2%. Don’t start thinking that you need more to rank better, because a search engine just needs to recognize the word. Adding more is only going to kill your rankings.

Social Media Buttons

Social media is becoming more and more important in the SEO realm, and it is inexcusable to not have a button on your content. Now, if you are Google-centric, like most other SEO people, than getting the infamous “+1” button is going to help your rankings. However, you should also get the FaceBook, Twitter, Digg and other buttons on your page as well, that is, if you like getting visitors.

Focus on Titles and Headers

These have helped websites for years, and they are going to be even better in 2012. What do you need to do? Just create titles and headers that are relevant to your topic. Are you writing about napkins? Make a title like: “The Five Best Napkins In Uzbekistan” and user headers like “Silk Napkins”, “Burlap Napkins” and “Best Napkins.” Remember though, these count towards your total keyword percentage, so don’t go over the 2% mark unless you like being in 80th place for a keyword.

Internal Linking

Most people don’t have a single page website, rather they have a website with five or more pages. Do some direct internal linking. Instead of leaving a “Relevant Topics” or “Recent Posts” list to the side to gather some dust, link to relevant pages in your own website. These will help you get some internal clicks, and the search engines love to see this, and they will help deliver you more visitors.

Even many things have changed in SEO, some of the evergreen strategies remain. Learn more about latest trends in SEO and web development:

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Nic is an SEO expert and web marketing guru. After recent algorithm updates, he believes that Google has truly stepped SEO back to its roots, by focusing much more on the consumer experience by ranking good quality websites that provide beneficial content for users. He says that all site owners should ask themselves this: "does my site provide valuable content for users?"

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