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The Value of Combining Social Media Optimization with SEM

It seems like every other article about Google, Facebook, and online marketing describes another blow in the battle between these giants for how people will access information online. And implicitly, this is obviously a battle over who will be able to profit from providing that information, with an undercurrent of concern among users about how their rights and privacy deserves to be protected. Yet anyone who moves beyond the media frenzy will find online marketing experts suggesting that several different data portals function best in concert. Likewise, companies benefit most when the put a robust online marketing package into play that includes natural and paid search optimization strategies to drive traffic from sites like Google, and social media optimization to both support their SEO and benefit from direct traffic such as Facebook advertising and “viral” Youtube videos.

If this is the first time you, as a company’s point person for online advertising, are reading that Facebook won’t “kill” Google and search plus social networking together will continue to comprise how we use the internet for years to come, then it’s time to do more research. Most people who care about the nuts and bolts of social media optimization realize that search is an important part of the internet, and are more interested in how they can effectively manage social network advertising and SEM to make the two prongs support one another, without getting left behind by each successive change that search and social media portals enact.

In general, effectively using both mediums is important. Of course, some companies’ customer bases and products are such that one will be vastly more effective than the other, and in that case a balanced online marketing basket is not the most advisable thing. But for the rest, such as an online camping goods retailer, for example, or a local yoga studio, social media optimization and search engine marketing will be at their most effective when conducted as compliments. This is the main reason why any company that can afford it should set a budget, then approach several online marketing firms that offer robust bundles, and launch all these online marketing efforts at once.

In this way, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube efforts can all generate traffic, and online buzz, and links back to the main website. At the same time, SEO can help people interested by the buzz get the information they want, create more content to be reshared on social networks, and begin converting traffic into clients. Then, PPC can help refine keyword phrase targeting while snagging casual searchers with mild brand recognition, hopefully converting them into customers as well. The levels of synergy continue and are even deeper than this, but the point is that when done correctly, no one strategy will be king. So ignore the hype. Set growth and exposure goals and a budget. And the figure out how your company can use social media optimization and SEM to achieve the highest ROI for its marketing dollar


Ryan Michael Farrell is a Los Angeles Based SEO and Social Media Optimization Professional who specializes in tech and marketing trends

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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