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Humanizing Your Social Media Profile – The Essence Of Contemporary Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, it is very hard to find someone who is not engaged with social media in one way or the other. It is called social media for a reason; it is so powerful and captivating that one seems totally out of luck in resisting its charms, ultimately falling for it anyhow.

 The importance of social media is magnified even more because of the extra element of interaction that was somehow missing in conventional ways of online marketing, which is now being added through social media in virtual world in the most effective manner.

 This article highlights some basic ways which can help a web marketing firm to humanize your social being (your profile on any social media) to invoke a sense of genuineness, compassion, and truthfulness about it among your fans, followers, clients, etc.)

 Name It

 No matter how simple it appears to be, it is highly effective. Carrying out all your social activities from a social network forum, putting a genuine name to it for tweeting, status updating, or posting your blogs, serves to convey the message to web audience that they are not dealing with some automated program, fooling them. An appropriate and genuine human name to your profile spells out a message of genuineness and authenticity about all your social activities.

 Face It

 There is no need to take it in its literal meaning; it is just like furnishing a face to your profile, the way you need to name your profile. A genuine face representing your profile will serve to catch more attention from the ones you will be interacting with, be them your fans, followers, or clients. Even as a social media marketing firm, you can furnish team photos in “Meet the Team” page, which is becoming more of a norm for brands and professional organizations in maintenance of their social being.

 Become More Sound

 Yet again, there is no need to go for the literal meanings of this phrase. It just means adding voice to your social image, now already being furnished with a genuine name and image, thus compounding the effect of humanization of your profile. Remember one thing, however, adding sound bites to the content on your profile might serve to repel your customers off; so, make sure your writing style, your audio, and your visual image complement each other rather than nullifying each other’s impact. 

 Listening – A Great Humanizing Factor

 Talking of humanizing your profile, perhaps nothing will help you more than being a good and compassionate listener. Though it might appear too out of context to you apparently, but the fact of the matter is that to know other people better, you need to listen them. In fact, one of the best aspects of social media is its ability to offer the power of expression to the end user. Therefore, on your social media profile, make sure your users get enough space to express them and you act mature enough to listen to them, so that you better know how users perceive you as a brand. This will help you express yourself and your brand in much improved manner when it is your turn to do so.

 Determining The Essence Of Your Social Being

 If you really want to make a difference with your social presence, engaging yourself in social activities that interpret in real fame and money for you; you need to determine the real purpose and motive that you see yourself striving to achieve.


 The significance of social media is well past any kinds of doubts about it and if an individual or web marketing firmbelieves so, they are contributing towards their own plight. Make sure you humanize your social media profile(s) to get the most out of it.

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Friday, 27 May 2022
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