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Are Mobile Apps Taking Over the Internet?

It might be hard to imagine a world where links and URL’s are a thing of the past, but mobile applications have changed the way people are accessing information.  Thanks to the popularity of the Apple iTunes store and the Android app market place, mobile device users are finding it more convenient to simply use an app rather than to open an internet browser.

Mobile devices are just more practical when you consider how people are using apps.  Say I want to find the nearest hotel.  I simply pull up an app that already knows exactly where I am and it will tell me not only how far away the hotel is but also how to get there.  With an internet browser I would first have to know where I am and then type in that location to find a nearby place to sleep.

With people using apps for both practicality and entertainment the numbers are skyrocketing for how many apps are being added every day.  And for every app that does not yet exist there is an army of app developers scrambling to fill that gap in this every growing marketplace.

So are the days of the internet numbered?  Is Al Gore’s invention finally about to bite the dust?  Hardly.   Even though mobile apps have grown exponentially the past few years, the multitude of applications have made the marketplace crowded.  In fact, many users are complaining at how hard it can be to find what apps they need with so much selection.  One might think that a huge selection would be a good thing, but it can also frustrate users who are looking for a particular app that is buried in the app store.

This is why more app developers are looking at search optimization for their apps.  After all, being listed at the top of a search list in an app store is just free marketing, and more exposure to an app means more revenue can be generated.  But with the largest search engine in the world owning the Android marketplace, who knows when an algorithm update will emerge.

Even with the growing popularity of mobile applications there are some things that are still best done on a good old fashioned laptop or desktop.  With so many different kinds of phones app developers have a hard time making an application work on every device, and this frustration for users makes some just open a browser to find what they want.

More people use apps as a supplement to the internet.  For instance, many Facebook users access their accounts on their mobile devices, but they also access their accounts from computers at home.  Larger screens and functional keyboards just make it easier to make changes to an account.  But when on the go it’s nice to use the Facebook app to add photo or comment on someone’s status.

There may come a day when mobile applications are used more than the internet itself, but the infrastructure around the world for mobile devices and a more solid standard for developing apps that work on all phone would have to change.  Until then, we will just have to put up with that old fashioned internet browser and wait to see what happens next.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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