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iOS Application Trends Likely to Occupy Top Spot in 2016

Winds of change are blowing across the Android and iOS landscape. For developers this wind blows good because it gives even more opportunities to put their skills to use in 2016. Apple has, since long, dictated trends and for 2016 it is no different. Its wearable devices have introduced a paradigm shift in the way "smart" is interpreted and developers have a goldmine of an opportunity exploiting not only this sector but others as well.

Apps for the Apple Watch
That the Apple watch has proved to be a big hit is a bit of an understatement.
  • Wearable devices, especially those suited for fitness and health monitoring, are nothing new but the Apple watch is of a different genre, combining these and other functionalities into a smart device.
  • Developers can build on this requirement for health and fitness related app.
  • Further, there is an emerging opportunity in the corporate sector as enterprises find out the versatility of this device and seek ways to incorporate it into their operating environment.

Internet of things

  • Apple, as usual is the pathbreaker and its Apple TV will include Appstore which has significant portents for iOS developers as the internet of things will become mainstream.
  • There are even more opportunities for skilled iOS developers to profit from these emerging opportunities of integrating sensors, software and network connectivity into easy to use apps.
  • Smart phones are fine for connecting to the net, listening to music and chatting. With internet of things, the smartphones will become central to controlling and programming appliances and devices, becoming even more important for the user. Developing core apps that will serve these purposes will certainly keep developers busy. 


Security has always been an omnipresent concern not only for individual users but also for enterprises that are going in for apps in a big way. Developers capable of incorporating better security into their apps are more likely to succeed in getting more orders in 2016. 

Beacon and geofencing 

  • Beacons allow delivery of alerts to the device when the user is within a specific range, as happens in wi-fi enabled surroundings but uses Bluetooth technology for the purpose.
  • Geofencing, on the other hand, relies mostly on GPS and data connections to push messages to users within a specified radius.
  • Both technologies are going to be widely used, offering developers plenty of scope to remain busy buildings apps with these technologies.
  • Wi-fi too is going to play a key role in apps since businesses keep track of customers and offer apps that take advantage of local wi-fi. 

These are major thrust areas, so to speak. However, mobile iOS app developers must also keep in sight the shift in design of user interface and customer preferences. What about end users? If expectations are high then you must be able to find iOS developers with the right skill sets able to translate these into highly functional and contemporaneous apps. Find such competent iOS developers who go beyond simple programming to adapting an integrated approach and you open doorways to exciting possibilities for 2016.

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Tuesday, 04 October 2022
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