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Why Do You Need cPanel Web Hosting?

I am very happy that cPanel Inc developed cPanel Web hosting because it made it easy for me to install websites in a matter of minutes. cPanel is a proprietary software and therefore is used by thousands of Web hosting companies. For example I have hosting with Hostgator and day use cPanel to allow me to install a WordPress website in under 3 min or less.

cPanel is well known as an easy to use Control Panel interface for website owners. This makes making changes to your website very easy for the average non-technical website owner.

Advantages to cPanel Web hosting

cPanel is very popular and I could list any advantages to using this software, however in this article I will limit my list to 3.

Easy for non-technical Webmasters

you no longer need to have programming knowledge to start your own website using cPanel Web hosting. You might however need some basic computer skills, but I'm sure we all have them in this day and age.

If you do have any problems, your web host will probably have how to videos to help you out. Nothing is difficult in cPanel as they use icons to show clearly where each of the settings are.

Easy website installation

Although I mentioned this earlier, many Web hosting companies claim to have easy website installation, but I find that cPanel is the absolute best. cPanel offers Fantastico where you can install WordPress, forums, and many other content management systems, at the press of a button. This makes any non-technical person a professional website builder in minutes. Once you start using this, you will be able to build websites for people as a professional if you wish. That is how good these websites are.

Cheap as chips

You can find Web hosting that uses cPanel for under five dollars a month. This is crazy as people are running full businesses that make thousands of dollars a month on this kind of hosting. Imagine if you are renting out a shop, as the rent often kills businesses themselves.

Using cpanel also cuts out the fact that you might need a website designer, or you might need someone to install your website. Because if you have cPanel hosting with Fantastico you will not need a website designer and you will not need to hire someone to help you install your website. Therefore you are saving loads of money.


I cannot think of any reason why you would not use cPanel hosting for your next website. I know this sounds too easy to be true, but it really is. cPanel offers easy user interface, an abundance of settings to explore, and keeps you in control of your hosting.You probably will not believe how easy it is to install a WordPress website until you actually do this for yourself.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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