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The latest trends and recommendations for futuristic web development

Web development is evolving at a dizzying rate and companies that do not deploy websites that match expectations run the risk of being left behind. Just observe the current trends in web development:

1. Responsive Web Design Rules the Roost—Now and for the future
This is trend number one, fulfilling the dream of Sir Tim Berners-Lee who envisioned a web world where anyone from anywhere could access content on any device at any time. For web developers this is a whole new ball game since it involves use of RWD technologies such as HTML5/CSS3/JQuery and Javascript with fine adjustments for uniform display regardless of device screen size, resolution, operating system or hardware. People are increasingly using the mobile to surf the net and carry out a whole lot of transactions, including searching for shops and places, buying, transferring money and making bookings.

2. Uniformity in design
Since web developers will use common platform for development to address user experience requirements, design will be more or less uniform with only a few variations within a broad set of parameters. For web developers this makes life easy but also makes them sit up and think how to differentiate and make a site stand out. Since overall theme, layout and flow might be more or less standardized, most probably following the increasingly popular "card" type design, web developers would focus on color themes and elements within a page for standout appeal.

3. Semantics will dominate
Apple probably started it with Siri and Google built on it but it is a clear indicator of the future: the trend is that search engines and computers will learn to understand how humans think and talk and respond in kind. Naturally, people will take advantage because, who will want to type in a long query text when one can speak it? Content will need to be tailored to take advantage of this increasing trend for people to ask queries of search engines the natural, logical way.

  • In this backdrop it is wise for companies to pick website developers with care. Keep in mind the above three trends and make sure you select a developer with a full complement of in-house development experts familiar with responsive web technologies and also search engine algorithms. 
  • If you have a standard desktop version website, it is time to change and implement a responsive website that will deliver a user experience par excellence. Why in-house developers? This is because once you have a site up and running the work does not end there. 
  • Technologies and markets are evolving at a rapid pace and you might need to keep your website updated. Web developers with in-house teams respond fast, already know about your site and can take quick action. 

This is the scenario as it stands now. Unless something radically new turns up in 2016 this is how it will be for quite some time to come. Having an extremely competent web development agency by your side is a ticket to staying ahead of the competition.

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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