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Making a decision on which CMS to use as a DBA is the most important decision that you could ever make for your career; This article clearly outlines the good and bad side of Drupal being the world's largest open source CMS while mentioning a few aspects of the other systems in comparison.

Pros of Drupal

  • The comprehensive Drupal Core

The effectiveness of Drupal is brought about by the functionality of Drupal's system administration, layoutand account registration of users, management of menus and RSS feeds.

  • Administration features of Drupal 7

Content administrators enjoy more versatility in the user permissions of their websites and new account opening with this optimized version of Drupal. Administrators can also share their management power with their selected users to delegate the management of the website.

  • Unlimited in creation

Users now have dispensation that is almost limitless in creating their own designs. Drupal templates have been made more user-friendly to enable extensive editing.

  • Content retrieval

You can now easily recover your old content. More options have been offered for creating defaults, path URL's associate content and the creation of custom lists. Reorganizing and searching for your data has now been made more efficient as you perform your DBA expert services.

  • Easy set-up

Drupal is endowed with various themes and templates that assist users to create content easily. This feature is greatly fancied by administrators as it saves them time even when creating complex designs.

  • Ease in content creation

With Drupal, you can create various forms of content from the more complex polls, videos and revision controls or podcasts to the simpler text articles and blog modules. Drupal 7's blog module enables one to easily maintain a blog and manage its settings.

Another major privilege offered by Drupal's core modules is the ease of article creation. Default settings have actually been set at the homepage whereby browsers can easily comment on articles.

  • Thousands of plug-ins

The wide array of options that Drupal offers in its operations makes it the most advanced in the market. This includes the 7000 plug-ins that come with the software's package plus the allowance of setting up other plug-ins.

  • Effective user collaboration

Drupal is strong at driving online conversations. Content managers get to enjoy online presence easily as people comment on the blogs and social networks. It also offers administrators the power to permit comments that go onto the websites and controls the users' limit to post. No wonder the greatest company websites are run by Drupal – it offers a great edge to the public relations sectors of companies.

It is embarrassing to find a negative post about a company on web conversations and the company's web developers are unable to delete it. The capability of a software to protect from such saves a lot; especially since the web is full of unscrupulous people and competitors who can flare untrue statements.

  • Support materials

It is Drupal's mission to provide much support to administrators as they set up their pages. Hence, a lot of support materials can be found on its home page. Drupal has also maximized on its collaborative strength to fulfill this mission. Its community-based platforms encourage professional developers and other users to share information and modules on how to be a Drupal expert. This has offloaded the organization's role in teaching its users since people get useful tips from other Drupal developers in the community.

Drupal offers the best support to its users by engaging other like-minded professionals. Its unbeatable strength in content security makes it the most trusted engine to run the world's most delicate websites including governments, universities and hospital web pages.

The security of Drupal is managed by 40 dedicated professionals handpicked from across the world since 2005. These are actual human beings and not robots, contrary to most computer systems. Leadership in the security team is rotated periodically to enhance excellence.

In line with its commitment to offer help to users, Drupal has made every effort to enable users to access the security team for queries. You can get their contact links on Drupal's website and through many other referrals from the community members.

Cons of Drupal

It is worthwhile to explore the reasons why many DBAs choose other software over Drupal and be aware of a system's disadvantages before your set up.

  • Complex usage

Many data handlers have confirmed that Drupal is not as user friendly as its other counterparts. If navigation is a priority to you, then you may consider being an expert with Word Press or even Joomla. It is however important to note that Drupal still leads in advancement. More so, Drupal 7 has been updated with features that enhance user friendliness.

  • Limited adaptive ability

The backward compatibility of the software is needed when an administrator would like to use the program's older version to attain a certain goal. It is unfortunate that Drupal does not allow collaboration with an older Drupal code. Buytaert, Drupal's founder, has made it known that they do not retain background compatibility in line with their vision for the software. Dries Buytaert says, "Preserving background compatibility requires that one drag historical cases or baggage along, in interpreted languages such as PHP, this calls for a significant performance fee / cost."

  • Slow system

Drupal's world of features limits its speed, making Wordpress faster to operate. You may consider choosing another option if your computer is slow or if you cannot stand operational delays. Another option would be to seek the help of an IT expert to do their magic to manage the speed of your Drupal if you are not as advanced in administration.

The online debates about which the best CMS is continue to be rampant. However, only you can choose the best system to run your database well. Do research on how the different software work so that you can entrust your database to an appropriate system. Remember, your individual data needs are different from the needs of another database administrator. 

Jenny is a data IT professional who works closely with DBA experts to provide her clients with fantastic solutions to their data problems. If you need data IT solutions, she is the person for the job

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