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New Trend in Social Media Marketing: Location Based Services

With the advent of iPhone, android phones, and various other mobile devices equipped with GPS devices, a new trend in the social networking scene is gaining popularity and that is Geosocial networking or location-based marketing.

Location based marketing is the hottest new trend in social media marketing. Aside from Twitter, Facebook and various other social networking sites, businesses can use location based services to promote their business and generate sales.

Before we discuss how Location Based Services (LBS) can help businesses, let us take a look first at how LBS work.

Some of the popular Location Based Services includes Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places and more. Foursquare is the first application that made use of the GPS functionality of a phone that is why more people uses FourSquare than any other location-based services.

If you have an account in FourSquare, you will be able to "check in" to a location and your real-time location will be published and shared to all your contacts in various social networking sites like Facebook. Using this LBS, you can also see friends or anyone from your contact who are nearby for instant meet-ups or get together. FourSquare also allows the sharing of experience, feedback or comments about a particular location which can also be viewed by your contacts in various social networking sites. FourSquare also gives badges every time a user visits a place and awards the title of “Mayor” of a location to a user who checks-in most to that location.

So do you see now how powerful these location-based services are and how it can help a business generate revenue? Every time a FourSquare user checks-in to your business and leaves a positive feedback, this gets published and can be viewed by hundreds of registered users from various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which gives your business an instant promotion and advertisement.

That is why businesses like restaurants, café, shops among others should really make use of Location-Based services as part of their marketing campaign. Signing up for an account is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Upon confirmation of FourSquare of the ownership of the business, the business owner can start using FourSquare for its social networking campaign. Businesses can offer coupons and discount vouchers to new customers who checks-in via this location-based app. They can also give incentives and discounts to customers who promote their company via FourSquare to encourage other customers who are nearby to try out their shop.

Since most people now rely on their mobile phones to do a lot of other things aside from checking emails, location-based services are really a big hit as individuals does not have to rely on their friends to get the latest hotspots as information is readily available with just a few clicks on their mobile phones. Imagine how potential customers can get enticed to visit your restaurant if they find out from checking in FourSquare or other Location-Based App that you are offering discounts. And with hundreds and hundreds of individuals who have a mobile phone and a social networking account, this means a large base of potential clients for your business.

Indeed Location based marketing can be a big help for businesses to generate sales as it can be a good distribution and promotion platform to reach hundreds of potential clients.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2022
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