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Getting Creative with Domain Names

​Domain name is the backbone of website's digital existence, and element that can make or break your efforts. It needs to give off the right impression, be catchy, and internationally understandable. Entrepreneurs know that naming a startup is one of the crucial steps towards getting the business off the ground. A well-chosen name evokes mental and emotional reaction and stands out in the busy digital landscape. However, considering that so many domain names are already taken, this becomes a real test of imagination.

The name of the game

In the abundant online realm of today, there are top-level domains (gTLDs), country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) and the personal domains. The most prominent gTLD domain is the .com, which is still used by many people, including small, personal and corporate websites. Since it is the most popular extension in the world, it is harder and harder to secure a proper dot com domain. That is why people make an effort to find creative ways of setting domain name and move past extensions like .net and .org.

It is advisable to make the name short, and that is it easy to spell and pronounce. The most popular length of a domain is 11 characters, but it is not uncommon, however, to encounter domain names that are 32 characters long. It is interesting that all 3 and 4 letter possibilities are depleted on dot com, and most of other single-word domains are also taken. No wonder then that many people have to combine two whole words or use a phrase for their domains.

Tweaks and hacks

If the website relies heavily on the traffic coming from search engines, using a real words and phrases is the best option. But, when the desired domain name is taken, there are some other solutions like dropping vowels or misspelling words. Some websites have achieved great things by tweaking the name (Flickr), adding prefix or suffix (Shopify), or by creating a unique name like Odeo. To find the memorable and creative domain name, you can get the help of platforms such as Domain.me, which embrace fresh ICANN policies and new gTLDs.

One of the ways to go about this business is domain hacking. It involves using real words with parts of them sitting in the domain extension. One startup from the UK managed to get the domain name believe. in, and boost their growth considerably. Another crowdfunding platform took indievoic.es and used a Spanish ccTLD for its domain hack. Some other extensions that are on the roll are .ly and .be, and these trends are only going to get bigger.

Digging for treasure

The choice of a domain name is the key factor that affects the success or failure of any online venture. There is no undo button when you make your choice, making the decision all the more important. A dot com name that is both functional and available is a rare commodity and getting creative with domain names is all the rage these days. Users cherish interesting names, and their acceptance in the burgeoning online community is increasing. So, you better get your creative juices flowing if you want to make a name for yourself. Innovative names are not always understood, though, which is why promoting them is paramount. 

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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