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Indispensable WordPress Plug-Ins

An abundance of WordPress plugins is a reason to rejoice, but their variety and amount can be downright confusing. Plugins are add-on features which users can implement on their websites and blogs for a number of reasons. They offer additional functionality, improved visual identity, and open up new design possibilities. Some provide social media integration while others give free search engine optimization. The list goes on, but how to identify the plugins that are worth your while? Well, here is a list of some remarkable ones tailored to all kinds of business operations.


This one is an all-around plugin that satisfies a bulk of website admin needs. It gives access to simple stats, makes signing up for email subscription available to visitors, and provides a functional comment system. Those seeking to enhance the visual landscape of the site can easily embed content from services like YouTube and Vimeo. On top of that, it features social media integration with all major networks. Jetpack is in fact a set of plugins that can help you get your website off the ground and direct more internet traffic your way.

WordPress SEO

In a current digital climate, search engine optimization is what makes and breaks a website. Even with a killer design, if a page does not show in search results, it is like it does not even exist. A great tool by Yoast automatically supports your SEO efforts and makes suggestions for keywords you want to rank for. It also warns you if the content it too long or too short, and reminds users to create snippets for SERPs. The plugin does the same within CMS and ranks posts based on their optimization level. It is fairly easy to use and should provide improved website visibility in a short amount time.

Shortcodes Ultimate

As the name suggests, this plugin equips users with a plethora of shortcodes for WordPress. They include galleries, columns, boxes, tabs, buttons, etc. A seamless, intuitive interface is a real treat, and even beginners should not have a hard time because this digital tool comes with great examples and documentation. With cheap add-ons developers can expand the functionality and the plugin supports customization of shortcode elements with custom .css as well. Hence, this is a must have addition for everyone seeking to overcome the WordPress design limitations.


Tickera is a full-featured WordPress event ticketing plugin with unlimited options for ticketing and white-labeling. With the use of user-friendly mobile apps or barcode readers it is possible to check in attendees and control all the profits without a third party involved. Of course, you can establish various payment gateways and with Tickera Premium the options are even greater. Ticket templates allow you to create any custom ticket type and personalize the event. The best thing is that you can deliver tickets to buyers digitally with your own hosted solution and manage multiple events at once.

Wordfence Security

Who does not need a simple and flexible plugin which stops hackers in their tracks and thwart other cyber threats? Although it does not have a truckload of options, they are highly configurable. Also, this plugin is constantly being updated to protect against latest digital perils, and with tech support you will not be alone in your endeavors. Both free and paid versions include firewall and blocking of malware, brute-force and other cyber attacks. Hence, Wordfence Security is one of the most cost-effective suites that enhance WordPress security.

Editorial Calendar

Blogging and content creation can be quite time and energy-consuming. With Editorial Calendar, though, users are able to utilize a configurable calendar grid. It contains post titles, authors and publication statuses and serves as a visual planning and scheduling tool. By hovering over a title with the mouse, you open a pop-up mini editor which is perfect for making quick changes. Everything that a standard WordPress dashboard has, you can expect to find here also.

Google Analytics Dashboard

There are some plugins that enhance your online presence, no matter what you do. Google analytics allows you to see how many internet traffic you are attracting, what the visitors are clicking on, and where are they coming from. Yes, you can monitor this in real time or choose to adjust the time span. Furthermore, it is possible to track downloads and outbound affiliate links. The plugin displays crucial analytics on a WP dashboard, and a configuration panels is used to determine who (admin, author, editor) can see the results.
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