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What Exactly Are Managed Print Services?

Today's business environment is probably more vivid, interesting, and what is the most important denser than it was ever before. No wonder that businesses are forced to cut the expenses on every corner, and make their operations as efficient as possible. Managed services, which include service providers completing the tasks they are proficient in for client persons or organizations, are certainly one of the answers for these burning issues. It should not be too much of a surprise to anyone that they are experiencing a significant increase in demand. Here, we will examine what are the managed printing services in particular, and how they can benefit your business.

The Definition of Managed Printing Services

Although the variety of activities that Managed Printing Services (MPS) offer is pretty broad, we can say that they present a group of services provided by printer manufacturers designed to assist businesses in streamlining management and minimizing costs associated with imaging, and printing. The MPS allow those businesses to improve productivity, save money, and also gain greater control over the printing process. While the very printing is conducted by service providers, client remains fully accountable for organization of the system and its management.

Printing Costs Breakdown

If you want to know how exactly MPS can affect your budget you should first understand that printing costs tend to go way beyond the very "printing". In order to get a clearer insight in them, we will break them down into these categories:

  • 1.Materials sent out for offset printing, quick printing, distribution, and mailing.
  • 2.Maintenance duties, IT desk support, and technical services.
  • 3.Pages produced by production print operations, and office and mobile workers.
  • 4.Paper, toners, printer ink, and other consumables
  • 5.Office printers, scanners, copiers, high-volume printers, fax machine, and multifunctional printers

As we can see, something that, on the first look seems like negligible costs can quickly escalate to pretty threatening budget item. As a matter of fact, printing costs can pile up to 15% of some businesses annual spending. Managed printing services are, on the other side capable of cutting these costs by as much as 30%.

How to Find Good MPS Provider

Relying on the managed printing services, however, does not guarantee the success on its own. As with any other "outsourcing" duty the end result of some shared project will largely depend on service provider's capabilities and offer. Let us look at some of the duties reliable managed printing should tackle beyond overseeing the printers.

  • 1.Monitor and optimize total print environment regardless of printer brand
  • 2.Turn current, and slower paper-based processes like routing and approvals into automated ones
  • 3.Conduct a thorough assessment in order to analyze your printing infrastructure
  • 4.Proactively replenish your supplies before they are out, and solve potential printing problems
  • 5.Provide you a roadmap which should help you to reduce the number of different printers without compromising your business' ability to conduct its full range of operations
  • 6.Work on reducing the environmental footprint by reducing the amount of involved paper and consumed energy.
  • 7.Have a team of highly skilled experts, and a resume which includes a proven track record of deploying managed printing services.
  • 8.Enable you smooth transition to in-house staff by providing them with necessary training
  • 9.Use ongoing processes in order to continuously improve your operations
  • 10.Support cloud environments and enable access to telecommuting employees

With the things as they are, we would say that by relying on the managed printing services you can save a lot of money, and have almost nothing to lose. Until your in-house staff is fully capable to tackle all the printing duties it is probably better to leave them to professionals.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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