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Know all about Windows VPS hosting

In layman's language we can say a combination of both dedicated and shared hosting is called VPS hosting, a virtual private server hosting. It includes a virtual server that is exactly similar to a dedicated server in an environment of shared hosting.

To online host a website we may choose a VPS hosting account, which is one of the various kinds of web hosting accounts. To have a website on Internet, website files should be on a web server and in maintaining of server as well as it's setup is a ver difficult and expensive affair. To make it possible at less cost foe everybody facility of web hosting purchasing is the best option, as on a web server space can be rent and all that in the end is to be done is uploading of files without any server requirement at the uploader's end.

The advantage of VPS server hosting is that the entire server can be rent. A server used to run Microsoft operating system is known as windows server. There are various versions of windows server and windows VPS is windows virtual private server meant for the running of the Microsoft operating system. Various versions of windows server differ from each other in terms of system resources used. So the requirement of windows VPS hosting services also differs.

A set called windows VPS hosting provides users with the facility to have for themselves a portion of web server. This setup not only ensures better resources than shared hosting accounts but also all of it available at much less cost in comparison to running self owned dedicated server.

Clients can be assured of certain amount of dedicated guaranteed RAM in windows VPS hosting account. It also comes with RAM at maximum level, which is a very vital feature as it facilitates to run applications that are memory intensive, where as guaranteed RAM is the minimum amount of RAM one will always have for windows VPS hosting account.

Cost saving is another important feature of windows VPS hosting account, as the storage space required for storing files and websites occupies very small amount of the total storage space provided on the server. This space is also protected by various configurations. Some configurations allow mirroring of two or more hard drives making them redundant; this helps in a scenario where even if the drive fails all the important data can be still accessed. This system of redundant hard drive may cost a lot to the customer.

One should also be careful about the type of control panel, that is the interface that does all the background job and makes everything easy for the user in setting up new websites or to control the virtual server. Bandwidth is also an important advantage as the bandwidth provided generally is more than enough for most users, making it again a very economic option.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022
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