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Top Enterprise Apps of 2015

Mobile based-technologies are transforming the business landscape of today. It has become more complex and convenient at the same time, facing people with both vast field of opportunities and a labyrinth of challenges. With a bit of tech magic, you can get things done stress-free and gain edge in the business world. From expense tracking and expense management to project management and storing files, these are the must-have applications that no businessman should dare to navigate the financial waters without.


This software is excellent for increasing enterprise productivity and boosting the collaboration inside the company. This flexible app enables agile planning and good monitoring of projects and tasks, and much more; budgeting, issue tracking, resource and task management, you name it. You can also use it for a variety of other purposes like logging a business trip or raising discussions. It should be a real no-brainer for a bulk of modern businesses.


This expense tracking app will help you get a hold of your spending via reports and comprehensive graphs. It syncs your bills between various devices and receives alerts on all of them. This app will even make recommendations where to save money, which is something everyone should pay attention to. One of our personal favorites when it comes to expense management software, Billminder sure helps you sleep better at night.


Digital workspace that this platform provides is as good as it gets. You can store notes, images, and documents to share them with your colleagues with only a few clicks. A clean and user-friendly design will make it easy for newcomers to get used to this excellent note-taking and organizational program. On top of it all, this app serves as a business expense management platform, which makes it a great all-around digital tool.


Managing Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts at the same time can be a bit overwhelming. That's when Buffer steps in- it enables users to schedule their activities on social media in advance and use tons of extensions and extras. Go ahead and spread your thoughts or cool images without doing the real time work. And, yes, you can even Tweet when you are sound asleep.


One of the most popular cloud storage solutions, Dropbox lets the users sync files as they edit them. With 2 GB of space you get for free, you have a chance to give this platform a try. Most people decide to stick with it, as you can gain additional space by syncing files with Dropbox and generating referrals. Those who crave for more can get a Pro account, which opens a lot of extra storage space.


Casual Project Management is a business tool that enables users to go visual when it comes to tasks and projects. I don't know about you, but this helps many workers increase their productivity. For example, groupings of visual icons and maps of the projects allow you to keep track of the progress made. The navigation is intuitive and effortless, and this software will also boost the effectiveness of the whole team by making sure everyone stays connected and on task.


Several modern businessmen usually need to engage in travel and expense management every now and then. With Trippeo, automatic importing and tracking of expenses comes with the possibility of their reporting. This is business traveling made simple, since there are other unique features including reimbursement. This expense tracking software is one of the best out there, and something many travelers have dreamed about. Ultimately, Trippeo has recently introduced a new feature called ReceiptKeep, which allows you to forward all your receipts from your mailbox to Trippeo account and save it there. All this simplifies travel organizations and helps you keep track of your expenses efficiently.


Fast and reliable, this application is a favorite choice of many business leaders. Simple user interface enables you to create meetings, interact with coworkers remotely, and use a custom URL to gain access to video conferences. Participants can share their webcams in HD and engage in a more personalized interaction. It is one of the best conferencing software solutions on the market, although the competition is picking up.

Office Mobile

Like the desktop version of the program, this application is a bit costly. But, users who use it often shouldn't worry too much about that. You can create and edit documents, as well as sync them between devices using cloud (SkyDrive or SharePoint), which means others can see and edit your documents on-the-go. Even better, this platform supports charts, animations, graphic elements, and other useful contents.

Weapons of choice

A smartphone is every businessman's ultimate tool in tackling everyday problems and challenges. Improve your professional and private life through applications, and choose your digital weapon of choice. No longer will you have to spend hours putting up a travel plan or scrambling for data from hundreds of emails. With thousands of available apps, finding the right one is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack, but this list should help you get the ball rolling.

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