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Apple iOS 9: Intelligence, Multitasking Features and Robust Apps beyond Compare

Apple has recently introduced the world's most advanced operating system for mobile i.e. iOS 9. This operating system is expected to make the existing iOS devices much more intelligent and ardent by integrating robust search and enhanced Siri features without even putting the users' privacy on the stake.

iOS 9 will revolutionise the way you used to interact with iPad and will make your experience far better, credit goes to advanced multitasking features that allow users to view and access two apps simultaneously. It has got picture-in-picture so that you can enjoy watching the video while you browse the web, compose e-mails or use any other app. Built-in apps are now even more powerful with the introduction of upgraded Notes app that will completely change the way ideas are captured, you can get thorough transit information via Maps and there is an all new News app that will transform your reading experience across mobile devices.

iOS9 embrace intelligence that makes every single experience with iPhone and iPad much more compelling. In fact, you can get many things done before you ask for with the cutting-edge proactive assistance and drastically improved Siri without any harm on your privacy.

Let's have deeper insights to the new experiences one can have with the iOS 9:

1)Intelligence: Each experience with iPhone is made much better with the integration of new intelligence that works out of public view to provide the appropriate information at the right time. Thanks to the Proactive assistance that displays the most relevant information at a specific time of the day and give suggestions on the basis of frequently used apps. Siri not only improved in design, it will now give contextual reminders depending upon the time and location, and features new ways for photos and videos search. To sum up, you will get the most relevant results of any search query.

2)iPad Experience: iOS 9 comprises advanced multi-tasking features specifically for enhancing your iPad experience, allowing you do more. The Slide Over allows you to operate two apps simultaneously, Split View allows you to view more than one apps at a time with an additional advantage of organising apps as per the priority, Picture-in-Picture allows you to take on your video calls without any disturbance in your apps running along, All-new shortcut bar makes using editing tools more convenient, typing just got faster and the new multi-touch gestures will make selecting, editing and moving texts much easier than ever.

3)Built-in Apps: iOS 9 is meant to deliver the completely revamped apps support like Notes app that allows keeping a track of your to-dos. You can also keep your important data securely in cloud storage space offered. Maps will provide you full support for transit schedules, all the entrances and exits are very precisely mapped so that you can get the most relevant information about nearest shopping centres, subways, local food counters and much more. Also, the reading experience has been reconditioned with a striking combination of immersive design and interactivity. News app will read your interests and suggest the relevant content that you can share as well. You will be delivered 50 best articles from renowned publishers, it won't be wrong to say that you will be covering one million topics.

Additionally, Apple Pay will show you the best rewards programs with every shopping of yours. And, the avid shoppers can easily manage all their cards on the go via new Wallet app.

Apple has always been in the news for revolutionising personal technology with its breakthrough services that offer users' an unparalleled experience. There is much more to explore in iOS 9. Much more information is yet to come.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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