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What makes PHP a popular programming platform

Websites have become a prerequisite for every business irrespective of the industries or niches they deal with. This is because of the huge benefits offered by internet to the users browsing the web. Almost each and everything can be purchased as well as information can be accessed immediately using the internet. It has led to greater integration among users across the globe. 

Websites can be created using a variety of programming languages and the most popular among the list is PHP programming language. Before outsourcing your website development for a third-party IT consulting company, it is better to understand the benefits offered by PHP language that makes it a popular programming platform. 

PHP is used by almost 240 million websites across the world and the numbers are still increasing on a regular basis. Almost 2.1 million web servers are powered by the PHP platform. Most of the well-known social networking websites runs on PHP platform. The website URLs that ends with .php rather than .html means the source code has been written on PHP before it was uploaded in to the browser. PHP allows users to design and modify the information as per the needs and requirements of the users. Thus it signifies enhanced flexibility and efficiency offered by PHP.

 Furthermore, PHP has its presence evident in forums, shopping carts and article directories other than just websites or blog sites. Here are some of the benefits that make PHP a popular programming platform.

 • As a server-side scripting language, the host server is responsible for all the processes and programming instead of machine. The information that is stored can be accessed from the browsers and are completely independent of the cookies. This is the main reason why users can enter the username and password for a website irrespective of the computers they are using.

 • The open source characteristics of PHP allow the source code to be edited and further developed by any programmer. Such flexibility has led to the availability of numerous plug-in programs.

 • PHP is also considered to be more popular and easier to learn compared to other programming languages among the beginners in web development. PHP can run in Windows, Linux or UNIX because of its platform-independent characteristics. Since there is no license fees associated with the installation, the server can be maintained at a low-cost.

 • As many source codes are available to view, a standard installation can be used by any programmers for changing the program so as to suit their requirements and thereby making it easier for them to learn. The code is based on C and C++ and can be included within an HTML source code.

 • PHP Programming also works in an effective way while in a multi-tasking environment which makes it an ideal choice in designing any kind of website. Creating websites using PHP can also attract huge volume of traffic from the site visitors.

 • PHP programming language is compatible with multiple platforms which means websites created using PHP works the best in popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX etc. Conclusion With all these above mentioned benefits offered by PHP programming language, it is worth the money spent by business owners in creating a website using PHP.

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