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How To Get Results With Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns

In a world that is becoming increasingly mobile, businesses are needing to adapt to all the new innovations that enable consumers to connect with them.  Smartphones initially allowed users the capability to connect to the internet whilst on the move and this was closely followed by the tablet PC, both of which continue to evolve providing powerful tools for web access and email.

Mobile Email MarketingAs more and more of us embrace this new technology there has been a big increase in the number of people reading emails on mobile devices.  This increase is something businesses with an online presence cannot ignore and needs to be added to any marketing strategy.  However, creating websites and email for the mobile web is not as straightforward as relying on your existing website or email marketing template.

Content for the mobile web needs to be optimized to suit the device it will be viewed on.  Mobile browsers operate within a much smaller viewing screen compared to laptops and desktop PC’s so if a website has not been optimized for a mobile device it will not load or view correctly. For most of us this is very frustrating and will almost certainly cause us to move on.

The importance of optimizing your web content for mobile browsing should not be underestimated.  There has been a big rise in the number of people make purchases via mobile sites and so not having a website capable of being viewed on a smartphone or tablet will be loosing you money.  Even if you have an optimized website, do check that the navigation functions well on a mobile device and that it loads within a reasonable amount of time.  Consumers making purchases on the move are unlikely to have the time or patience to cope with poor navigation or a slow checkout process.

So once you have your mobile friendly website sorted out it is time to look at your email template and how to best optimize that for the mobile web.  The number one consideration with mobile email is the size of screen in which it will load.  Because users are unlikely to scroll through an entire email to see what it is about you need to have your call to action in big letters at the very top to get their interest and encourage them to read on.  If you think ‘at a glance’ when designing your email layout you will ensure that the most important information is read first.

Try to keep your emails clean and clutter free.  So keep the most important information to the top with a link to your website but avoid filling the rest of the email with more links and calls to action.  Lots of links like this have proven to gather few responses so save additional calls to action for your website.  That said don’t forget to include a link to your favoured social networking site because cross channel networking like this can reap big rewards.

Finally remember to add analytics to your email marketing efforts so you can measure how many of your emails are actually read and which links users clicked on.  If you use an email marketing solution provided by a third party analytics are usually included as standard which means you will not need to integrate them into every campaign you set up.

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