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GetResponse - Highly Recommended for its Innovative Approach

GetResponse - Highly Recommended for its Innovative Approach
Email marketing is the most effective online strategy for my service offerings. SEO is the second highest response generator. And I give all the credit to GetResponse. It is a comprehensive email marketing platform that helps me generate the highest CTR.  I will recommend the program for all types of business.I would like to share the main reasons why I like using GetResponse.

Mobile Support
Its iOS mobile app allows me to manage my email campaign from within my iPhone. It doesn’t matter whether I am on the move, at my workplace or at home, I can always keep a tab on what’s happening and make modifications as and when required. While GetResponse can do all the task for me, I could add more value when the occasion calls.

This is something unique that I don't see with most other email marketing software (yes I have tested several other programs before choosing GetResponse)!
This platform allows me to segment all my contacts into groups with something in common. I can categorize my prospects based on their location, the common source from where they subscribed, the level of engagement, and the amount of data they have completed, and other custom data.

It allows me to choose one or more filters to segment my subscribers and deliver custom offers. In fact, it also allows me to target based on whether a group is a frequent responder, a newbie, or a dormant one.

This is one of the main reasons why I like using GetResponse. Its autoresponder 2.0 feature allows me to send out custom messages based on various factors. The messages can be defined and refined based on several factors based on the interests and needs of my subscribers. It is extremely important for me to reach to my audience with the right message at the right time, and this software helps me do that in an innovative way!
It supports Autoresponders 2.0 and allows me to schedule action-based/time-based communication which takes place automatically without the need for my interference. It is like my sales team working at its own round the clock, interacting with my prospects, and providing them the right message, even when I am not working! Who wouldn’t want such a system?

Innovative Email Creator
Media CreatorI love the presentation part. I think that is where you are able to get your target audiences’ attention. GetResponse offers one of the most powerful and elegant email creation environment. There are hundreds of email templates to choose from – in almost endless designs. And the best thing is that they are ‘responsive’.
My audience uses the web and email on different platforms, and the responsive design of my templates helps me reach all of them in the best possible way!

The team at GetResponse has categorized the templates based on industry. And I am easily able to choose the perfect templates and customize them based on my needs! Template is the first feature I will recommend everyone to check. There are so many choices available, you will never go out of options!

The level of customization is advanced. I could edit images in almost anyway, keep control over the email creation process and revisions (I could also go back to a design I liked earlier), and also add from an endless repository of key elements including text blocks and buttons!

GetResponse also allows importing templates. I don’t think I will ever need a designer to create anything more for me – everything is just available in the templates section! Images, newsletter templates, and image editor – everything is available within the software.

Email List Booster
Every email marketing software has a form builder. GetResponse has some unique features in its form creator, but it is the list booster that got my attention.

It provides an import tool that allows me to import lists using over a dozen ways. It requires nothing more than a click to import direct contacts into my email campaigns.

The main methods include:
  • Importing from mail clients – I am constantly importing emails from my other mail clients.
  • Uploading from disk – The single opt-in import allows me to upload email lists directly from disks. I am always developing database from various sources and save on my PC. Every time I have created another 20 emails, I upload the list onto my GetResponse account.
  • Importing from  sources – GetResponse also allows me to add my contacts from LinkedIn. I carry all my contacts’ info in Google Docs. This email marketing software also makes it easy for me to import data from Docs.
These are the most common ways I use to upload my new email lists into this program, but there are many more methods as well.

Email Stats
GetResponse has an innovative metrics tool that provides me lots of info required to adjust my campaigns and generate better response. It provides me data across different levels including:
  • Stats over time
  • Email performance comparison
  • Actual ROI
  • Stats for autoresponder
  • Stats for social sharing
  • Email client stats
  • And, much more!
All this information make is easy for me to get a real picture of my campaigns and make changes wherever required.

Overall, GetResponse is an unparalleled email marketing tool. I haven't been able to find another program that could come near it! There are many more benefits that I haven't elaborated here. My email deliverance rate has improved so much after I switched to Getresponse. The team offers 24x7 support and I have always found them useful and effective. Overall, it is easy to use, highly effective and delivers what it actually claims to be. This email marketing program is highly recommended to everyone!
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Monday, 30 January 2023
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