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List of Top 20 Useful Tools for PHP Developers

PHP is one of the popularly used open-source servers –side scripting languages that are created for the web development and can be nested into HTML. More than 15 million indexed domains, including world recognized websites such as WordPress, Facebook, Digg are using PHP.

PHP can access on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, etc. Its adaptability with almost all the modern age servers makes it popular among the developers. It offers detailed documentation, various ready-to-use scripts, and frameworks.
That’s why the vast majority of PHP developers are using it to develop a compatible and highly-efficient website. In order to make their job easier and more impressive, we will present the top 20 PHP tools for developers through this post.

The following list covers basic to the advanced tools that can help both the fresher and an experienced developer.

Debugging Tools
1. Webgrind: It is an Xdebug profiling web frontend in PHP 5. Usually, Webgrind will help you to search time spend on each of the function. The main feature of this tool is that it quickly installs and can also work on assorted platforms.
2. Xdebug: One of the most powerful debugging PHP extensions. Xdebug offers lots of useful data that can help you to swiftly search out bugs in your source code. You can plug this into PHPEclipse and phpDesigner types of faddish PHP applications.
3. Gubed PHP Debugger: Gubed is a hybrid platform program to debug PHP scripts. Moreover, it is used for searching out the logic errors.
4. MacGDBp: It is a superb Mac application which is used for debugging PHP applications. MacGDBp works with the Xdebug extension that has the potential to step through your codes and set the breakpoints.
Testing and Optimization Tools
5. PHPUnit: It is a programmer- determined testing framework for PHP, based on the JUnit framework. It is one of the powerful PHP tools, used for testing you web application’s substantiality and flexibility.
6. dBug: It is one of the simple and easy-to- use tools that allows to see what is happening on your web page. You can install the Debug with ease and also use for formatting data tables that hold information about classes, arrays, and objects.
Documentation Tools
7. PhpDocumentor: A tool is used to create documentation directly from both the PHP code and external documentation. It offers boasts of features like, it has the potential to output in HTML, CHM, PDF and XML DocBook formats.
8. PHP DOX: It is an AJAX- motorized PHP documentation tools that allow you to find titles from all documentation pages.
Security Tools
9. Securimage: A free, open-source PHP CAPTCHA script is used to generate complicated images and CAPTCHA codes to shield forms from abuse or spam.
10. PHP-IDS: PHP- Intrusion Detection System is an easy-to-use, well-constructed and cutting –edge security layer of your PHP web application.
PHP Online Tools
11. Minify: It is a PHP 5 application that is developed by Yahoo. A tool can incorporate multiple CSS and JavaScript files, compact their content and present the results with HTTP coding to enable optimal client-side caching.
12. PHP Object Generator: An open-source web application tool is designed with an aim to help you instantly build PHP objects and influence object-oriented Programming principles in the code.
13. gotAPI/PHP: One of the efficient online tool, used for quickly looking up PHP functions and classes.
In-Browser Tools (Add-Ons for Firefox)
14. FirePHP: The powerful Firefox extension that allows you to log on your Firebug console by using easy PHP method call. It offers the wide range of logging features such as the potential to change your error and exception managing on the fly and directly log errors to the Firebug console.
15. PHPLangEditor: It is an easy-to-use Firefox add-on tools, used for translating language files in your script.
16. PHP Lookup: A built-in search bar to allow you instantly research references to PHP syntax.
17. PHP Manual Search: The role of this tool is to find out the official PHP documentation that is available on your web browser.
PHP IDEs and Editors
18. PHPEclipse: One of the popular open-source editors that have the ability to install on all the operating systems, like Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It offers multiple features like code-folding, hover-over tool tips and also support XDebug and DBG.
19. PhpED: It is a great IDE for Windows web user. It is the state-of-art IDEs that is easily available on the market and offers useful functions like a built-in source code profiler to find errors in PHP source code.
20. PDT: It is a PHP development tools framework which a scrap of the Eclipse Project. PDT contains all the essential tools with the aim to create PHP web applications.

Author Bio: Lucy Berrette works for WPGeeks Ltd. as a Wordpress Developer and specialized in converting HTML to Wordpress Responsive website. She is also a passionate writer and loves to write tutorials related to website development.
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