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How To Get And Keep Clients When Running An SEO Company

As search engine optimization is becoming more and more popular nowadays, the number of people who would like to get in that business is growing as well. So if you are one of those people and you would like to start your own SEO company, there are some things you need to know. There are two really important aspects when finding clients. Let's say you have already set up a meeting with people who would like to learn more about your service and eventually use them. How do you reel them in?

The Sales Pitch

The first step of this process is of course the sales pitch. What makes your services valuable? What makes them special? Why the client needs them?

In order to convince a client that SEO is worth the investment you should use various strategies. A typical one is taking the main keywords that describe the client's business best and prepare an interactive chart that shows how much traffic exactly the client will receive after reaching the first place of the search engine page results. All this traffic is related to the client's type of business which increase the chance of attracting new customers.

You should have around 3 meetings with every client before you start working with their website. This is usually to discuss the main stages of the SEO strategy  and to ensure its overall success. Your main goal is to make sure that the client fully understands what you are going to do and this is one of the most important things. Explain every step of the way and make sure you are all on the same page.

Tracking Results

So you got your client. Here comes the hard part. Although you have signed a contract, keep in mind that it will expire one day and the client might not be willing to renew it if he is not happy with what you are doing or the way your are doing it. People like to be informed. So keeping your client up to date is crucial.

An important aspect of the whole SEO process is reporting. It is very important for the client to be fully aware of the achieved results and learn how to track his website positions after the SEO campaign has been executed.

You should fully educate the client about the most important metrics in SEO and make sure his website will continue progressing further. An example of a metric is conversion. It allows the client to track how many people have performed a particular action. In other words, the client will be able to determine how many of all website visitors have turned into customers.

During the SEO campaign you can use custom reports for the analysis of the website and online reporting tools during the website promotion process, in order to allow the client to track results and work done anytime.

These are the two most important aspects of finding new clients and working with them in order to keep them and hopefully make them want to renew the contract. Remember, working with people is not always easy especially if they don't fully understand SEO and the whole process. Try to explain everything so there are no misunderstandings.

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Atanas Valchev works for one of the leading SEO companies in Bulgaria - SEO PAL. He also shares his tips at the official SEO PAL Blog.

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