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What Are Your Web Hosting Options

When you look for a web hosting provider to offer its services for your website, you should completely trust this company especially if you plan to stay with it for a longer period of time, this is especially important for ecommerce and business websites, for secured and reliable web hosting..  But how can you determine from the stage of your research if one company can be relied on for the entire life of your website?

The trust element is very important because your online business can go wrong in case the web hosting is a defective one. This article will show what the different options are there available with the web hosting companies to determine what the right one is for your site needs. For instance, you shouldn't opt for a dedicated server if you have a small website (with a small number of pages - 5 or .... 1000).

Read on and see what your options are:

* Free web hosting
You can find companies willing to offer ways of advertising for your site. But in this way, you will appear as a non-professional, not to mention that visitors might be annoyed with your presence. Another alternative will be to get free hosting with companies that require a domain registration through them. This will typically mean that you will get a small bandwidth and small web space, but once your website will grow and expand you will have to pay a monthly fee for the larger space of web hosting.

* Shared (virtual) web hosting
This is a popular service which allows many websites to be stored on the same server, this is why it is called 'shared' hosting. If you find a web host promising unlimited space and bandwidth stay away from it, because it will attract many websites cramming them in the same space which pretty soon will overload and being of no use for you under these circumstances.

* Dedicated web hosting
This is the option in which you will have a server on your own, but this one comes also with a high fee to pay.

* Virtual Private Server - VPS
Small sized businesses can benefit from this one with a total control over the space they own.

* Reseller web hosting company
This option is recommended for those wanting to further sell web hosting services or wanting to host many web sites within a single location.

* Linux or Windows web hosting
This option comes as a mandatory one because nit only the hosting provider matters but also the choice of right platform, Linux or Windows. You should know what types of web pages are supported by the specific platform, such as ASP web pages are which require a Windows platform as compared with the Linux that supports the PHP files.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should rely completely on the web hosting service, and for this aspect you need to know what your website requirements are and according to them to select the right web hosting option.

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