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5 Ways to Create Killer Content for your Blog

A blog is your outlook and perspective of the world. Therefor, it should be pretty unique, right? That answer is wrong. There are so many blogs on travel, fashion, life, cooking, dating etc. that it makes having a unique perspective in the digital age difficult. How can you make your blog stand out against the tough competition? Besides having a well made professional layout, you need to have killer content! In order to achieve the online fame you crave, stick to the following list and we just may see you at the top of the blogosphere!

1) Have a Gimmick!

The most popular blogs that you read all of something in common: a gimmick. You want to figure out something that will make your blog stand out. Think unusual and memorable. You can always right about a certain celebrity or about your favorite shoes. Even your tone of voice can become your shtick if you have a very sarcastic and witty tone. Do not be afraid to play around with your blog until you are positive you have something that makes you stand out. A gimmick does not have to be unique, but it should make you special.

2) Write What You Know

Whatever you do, do not pretend to be something you are not. No one likes a poseur. You need to write what you know and what you enjoy because it truth, that is what makes you unique. If you are a fashion obsessed girl from the Midwest, then do not write about NYC street fashion on a daily basis. You can look at online style websites for ideas, but do not act like you live there. People are able to tell. Also, try to keep strong political and religious views to a minimum because no ones likes to be preached at when reading for pleasure. Unless, of course, that is your gimmick.

3) Think Outside the Box

In addition to a gimmick, a blog needs to be creative. Droning on and on about how your partner cheated on you and how boring life is will not get you any readers at all! In fact, they may run and never look back. You do not want large chunks of written text either. In order to captivate people, you need to have an approach that is different from everyone else. The best blogs are by people who know how to market their individuality to the world. This can be you too if you pinpoint why you deserve you voice to be heard.

4) Links to the Unknown!

One of the easiest ways to get killer content is to link to other websites, especially other blogs. When you link to other blogs, you will automatically get a new friend and in return they may link to your blog. This will get your visitor numbers up and in turn hopefully give you an idea of what to write. You can pull ideas from other bloggers, but you should never copy them. You can also link to other websites such as events, music groups, retailers etc. to give your readers an idea of what you do or wear in your daily life.

5) Inspiration

People love to look at colorful pictures and listen to music. You should post whatever inspires on your blog to give people an idea of what you like. You can dedicate whole posts to things like this. You can also just choose to post a picture and caption it as your feeling of the day. Many blogs only post pictures and they are among the most followed. You want to keep your writing easy and light so that people will actually read the whole thing. Think about it this way- no one reads the really long boring articles in magazines. They skim over them to get to the shorter and more vibrant pictorial pieces that grab their attention.

In conclusion, the best blogs are the ones with great pictures, fabulous text and killer content. If you follow the previous steps, you will be well on your way to blog stardom.

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