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Social Media Marketing in 2015: With New Trends Come New Rules

By the end of 2014, we’ve seen some radical sways in the world of social media. Among those, the use of mobile devices has increased dramatically, as well as traffic on social media during TV shows. Let’s now analyze which of these trends will perpetuate into the year 2015 and what further changes we may expect.  

A Surge of Mobile Users
The numbers are clear. During the last year, a number of mobile devices with 4.7-inch screens and larger on shelves has increased from only 4 percent to a third, while simultaneously the number of daily active mobile Facebook users has increased 15 percent. In addition, the number of mobile-only Facebook subscribers expanded by 34 percent. We are coming to conclusion that mobile is no longer a secondary platform. Companies that are mobile-friendly should become mobile-focused, and concentrate their marketing efforts to mobile users first.  

Slide to a More Human Experience
This trend will lead Internet marketers to focus more on the user experience, their audience and followers, and the channels they are promoting their products and services. Google and Facebook have mad steps to adapt their platforms I a way that will encourage businesses to include human experience in their strategies. In other words, social media marketing posts will have to be more valuable for the users, and the approach will need to become more human-friendly.

Social Media Data will Influence Marketing Decisions
This is a widespread topic these days, but the things aren’t as simple as they seem. Hootsuite has discovered that 60 percent of organizations worldwide are putting effort to turn social data into their business planning. This efforts gave birth to another discipline, a social media analysis. Data collected through social media tools can be used and analyzed for derivation of marketing and business decisions.

More Optimized Tweets
One of the long term Twitter goals has been a new and more powerful search engine. This new Twitter search engine will enable users to tweet smarter, allowing them to look through every Tweet ever posted. This change means that the structure of your Tweets will become more important than ever before. Images, hashtags and links in your Tweets will help your Tweets appear higher in Twitter search results.   

Increase of Content Marketing on Facebook
As a response to Facebook’s new algorithm for its News Feed, the marketers will have to adapt by posting well-designed posts which carry information valuable to the audience. Organizations with developed content marketing strategy will adapt to the new conditions more easily, by selecting content from their blogs to feature it on their Facebook pages. If content marketing is a new feature in your business, you may have to start developing strategy that will produce sophisticated content that will be palatable to the audience. 

SEO Strategies will Aid Content Promotion
Lately, Google has started paying attention on social media signals in order to inform its search engine rankings, due to the rapid growth of organic marketing environment. That means that social media marketers will need to work more closely with SEO teams in order to push through their content promotion. On the other hand, SEO teams will benefit from social media marketers in order to include social media info in their rankings.
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