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Pillars of Successful Modern Website Design

Having a website is no longer enough nowadays. Various aspects need to be considered while making websites now. These include modern design, usability and great content. The SEO technological market has not just changed with the new on-page as well as off-page considerations but the very way customers view and consume content has also changed substantially. Modern and new aesthetics, design, as well as navigational considerations, are nowadays built into the architecture of new websites.

Modern web design involves multi-department and multi-skill set approaches. Content and SEO is a significant part of this design and build process. It is also essential to understand the factors like how the design casts an impact on SEO, link between SEO and usability, the way readability casts an impact upon SEO as well as differences between information, content and technical architecture.

Modern Website Design

You are bound to be surprised by the number of websites that has not yet caught up in terms of modern website design. Disproportionate amounts are often spent on optimization and marketing; this needs to be balanced with usability and a simple, clean and engaging design. Finding the balance between design that appears modern yet simple, informative and engaging for users is the bedrock for success. The biggest challenge that the designers face is juggling the visual representation, CSS and HTML elements. The traditional designers have a completely different idea of the appearance of websites as compared to the SEO specialists. One looks for beauty and the other is concerned about readability and other technical aspects.

  • While designing a website, ensure if it reflects user requirement.
  • Be creative and build a modern and flat look.
  • Ensure the content and design complements each other.
  • Utilize images, text and the copy along with content.
Inbound traffic is the chief goal of the marketers and SEO represents a significant part of this activity. It is vital to blend SEO strategy with web design and usability. A few years before, web projects were built with design, usability and content as sub-projects. Modern marketing, as well as design, utilizes SEO and the usability skill sets.

  • Utilize eye tracking studies and user experience and incorporate findings into interface.
  • Incorporate concise and clear headlines to capture the attention.
  • Focus upon readability. The fonts and colors used must be readable.
  • Keep navigation simple.
Content joins the element of the build and designing process. Content is the core of everything done from marketing and technical perspective. Great design must be focused upon content.

  • The copy must be clear, concise and relevant
  • Utilize white space to emphasize or break varying aspects of content.
  • Organize content properly.
  • Utilize marketing assets and sale, making them easy to find.
Remember that artistic design of websites is for people and not the search engines. Design must be balanced with SEO elements and effective content. Any web design company in Houston and elsewhere prefer implementation of simple, flat and a clean design to engage more visitors and make them spend more time on your website.
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