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Products That Can Easily Be Converted Into Apps

Smartphone technology is really creeping its way into product marketing and this is a great thing and we need more of it. One example of this is the GoPro camera. The GoPro camera offers an app for smartphone users where you can now take photos and record videos with your GoPro that might be a hundred feet away. This makes the product more innovative. It's the direction of most digital products, but it should be the case with non-digital products.

Another example would be QR codes. QR codes are on most popular products today just in case you want to learn more from your tablet. Smartphone technology is really creeping its way into product marketing and this is giving the user a better experience. I did my research and I believe this should be on more products. Here are 7 of my ideas. 

Analyzing Your Energy Costs

Currently, residents may purchase sensors that can be attached to most electronics, and these gadgets will consistently send information about each device's consumption of energy to a software program. Consequently, web designers can create an app that automatically monitors the electricity, the water and the gas that a household uses.

Finding Inexpensive Automobiles

Developers may design an app that automatically browses listings of used vehicles on numerous websites, such as autotrader.com, craigslist.org and cars.com. By utilizing the app, potential buyers will be able to immediately access comprehensive catalogs of available automobiles, and the digital list will contain a vehicle's features, the automobile's price and the condition of each car. When preparing to make a purchase at an automotive dealership, customers will have the ability to determine whether or not the vendor is offering the vehicle for a fair price.

Medical Information

In 2014, several companies began to develop nanotechnology that is able to measure a person's heart rate, determine whether or a not an individual has a disease, analyze a patient's blood sugar and evaluate the levels of vital hormones. This small device will be placed in a person's arm.

Developers are able to create an app that is compatible with the medical sensor, and the software would also allow doctors and patients to more easily communicate with one another. By using the application, a physician will be able to monitor the patient's overall health from any location, and if the person's blood pressure began to increase, the app could immediately notify the individual.

Searching for Campsites

Web designers can develop an app that features lists of campgrounds in each geographical region. The owners of the campsites would be able to add their facilities to the list for free, and the proprietors could provide vital information, such as the months during which the campsite is active, the amenities that the facility offers and a list of nearby forests.

By downloading the app, customers would be able to instantly find campgrounds while they are traveling. Moreover, the application can allow users to digitally pay the costs of reserving a campsite ahead of time.

The TR90 Remote

This product features numerous types of timers, and the device allows customers to digitally set the level of exposure of a camera's sensor. Users are also able to customize the duration of each interval between photographs and to delay the device's timer.

After designing an app that performs the remote's functions, users could modify the capabilities of cameras that were made by Nikon, Canon and Olympus. Furthermore, the customer would have the ability to easily customize the mobile device's camera.

Monitoring the Condition of an Automobile's Parts

After connecting sensors to numerous components of a vehicle, the developers could digitally link the monitors to an app. Consequently, drivers would be able to evaluate a car's oil pressure, the air pressure in each tire, the amount of electricity that the alternator is generating and the level of coolant in the reservoir. The software could also provide a notification as soon as a part began to perform poorly, and the app would remind drivers to perform routine maintenance.

Monitoring the Production of Vitamin D

According to one analysis, more than 80 percent of individuals are deficient in vitamin D, which supports the immune system, increases energy and strengthens the bones. When evaluating an individual's overall production of vitamin D, the software would measure the strength of the sun's rays in each customer's geographical area, and users would list the times of the day during which they were outside. Moreover, the app could analyze the clouds in the region and determine the effect that they had on the body's production of vitamin D.
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