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Modular Data Centre and Containerized Computing

When it comes to storing a large amounts of virtual data, there is one, universal obstacle to cross and that is the question of the storage space. While we live in a twenty first century, up until recently, many companies were resorting to the classic brick and mortar structures, and many still do. The construction of this kind of storage room can be extremely exhausting and it could last quite some time.

However, there is one problem that seems more pestering that even these two aforementioned and that is - the fact that it is extremely expensive to construct a building that has all the things necessary in order to store and protect these data cashes. This very reason is the fact that most of the modern informational based companies and services are resorting to the alternative ways of storing data. Amongst these methods, one stands out and that is the use of storage containers as a cheap and effective server rooms.

IBM was thinking outside the box
In a survey conducted by IBM only about 12 percent of data center operators were interested in modular build. However, when the word spread about the actual possibilities of such concept made quite a turnaround. In 2011, yet another survey showed that about 80 percent of customers changed their mind and wanted to join the modular future.

They launched modular data center in 2009 – ranging from PMDC (Portable Modular Data Centre) to SMSR (Scalable Modular Server Room), and stated that PMDC costs 30 percent less to build than a traditional data center with cooling equipment.

Why should we even consider the idea?
In order to learn more about the features of these containers first hand, we contacted one of the world’s most renowned provider of storage containers, the New Zealand’s industrial giant Royal Wolf. We were assured by the boys at the company that these container shelters are durable, resilient and tested against any climate conditions that may occur outside. They are also cheap and highly mobile, making them a perfect shelter for all sorts of data.

The aforementioned mobility of these cashes can make them invaluable for some services, that may operate in conditions that would usually never cross your mind. Their role in military operations, rescue missions, or some mining or construction operations on a larger scale. The ease with which they are transferred from one place to another has introduced a revolution in the companies producing this equipment, since now they can find a reliable and effective way to ship off their goods. This also affects their own expansion of business in a positive way.
With just slight modification, these containers may be transformed in a way which will lead you to believe that they were never built for anything else in the first place. By just installing a few simple upgrades like the cooling system or some other useful gadgets as well as the crucial electrical and mechanical infrastructure you get secure and elegant, quick and cheap solution for this problem, that just couple of years ago seamed unsolvable.
Yet another great advantage is that as your needs for room expands, and it will, you will be forced to find ways in which to deal with this particular set of problems. When using classical brick and mortar building, as a data storage facility, your options are quite limited and sometimes even inexistent, since you would probably have to rebuild or build more on an already existent structure. On the other hand, with the use of containers you can always just get more of them.

Of course, these units come in different size, design and different equipment, all made in order to fit the needs of their task. There are different, uniformed models but there’s still room for any additional upgrade, which you can make request of manufacturer to install. A truly versatile and effective branch to invest in.
Although this industry may still be uncertain, as the internet grows, along with some other forms of massive data sources such as some intranets, the need for this way of data storing is bound to grow too. There is no limit to the possible extents to which this expansion may develop, since it will grow as our needs for an effective and reliable data storage space grows. Truly a thing to consider.
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