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Our Promise4 Ways a Business Should be Planning for the Future, but Seldom Does

If a small business is to grow efficiently, it must have a structure in place to allow a seamless transition as it evolves. This can be difficult for many parts of a business; but when it comes to an office or Information Technology, it is not only possible, it is necessary. If you are starting a small business, here are four ways that most businesses should be planning ahead but seldom consider.

Website Stability

As your business grows, you will become more reliant on your website to give your customers information about your services or products; and for it to be the contact point for clients and customers to place orders and communicate you. Losing this valuable resource (even for a short time) could lead to loss of revenue, and may mean valuable customers moving to a more reliable company. This is where cloud hosting can help (Click here for more information about cloud hosting), as it will spread the work of your website among several servers; meaning no down time because of failure or maintenance. Reliability is what your regular customers desire, and cloud hosting will give you that.

Off-site Data Storage

As your business grows, you will realise how dependent small businesses have become on the computer and the information we store on it. You will find that you will have payrolls, invoices, accounts, stock levels and ordering, and a host of records, applications and programmes, stored on your computer system. At first you may be able to back this information up to various drives (external and internal), but eventually you will hit overload and be in danger of losing all your information. Employing an off-site data storage company to back up and keep your information, will ensure you never lose your business’ information or any customer related records. This will allow you to worry about your business, rather than your information.

Business-Ready Printing

Even though we live in a digital age, printing is still essential to businesses. Hard copies are often used to back up information, even in large companies, while printing reports is still seen as essential for meetings. Running an office with only an all-in-one printer is not feasible for anything apart from a one man operation, and you should be considering buying a business ready printer. A business-ready printer will be able to handle all but the most strenuous printing tasks, and will allow you to scan, print, and more importantly copy in higher quantities. The buzz word in printing is 3D printing, but most people do not really understand 3D printing, and unless you are in a very specialized field, you will not need to buy one yet.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP is an alternative to traditional phone lines, and should be considered by any new business as a much cheaper way to communicate; but that is not the only reason. With the call transfer facility in VoIP you will no longer miss any important phone calls, as they can be transferred to your cell phone, and as your company expands you will not need to install extra hardware; even if you expand overseas. VoIP could also be vital for training your increasing number of employees who deal with customers over the phone, to ensure the best in customer service. VoIP really is a great way to plan for an expanding company.
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Monday, 03 October 2022
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